Clones from fems for indoor, auto flower for outdoor

Five days from taking clones from cherry pie, Girl Scout cookie extreme, and gold leaf photo period to grow indoors. Amnesia haze, Blueberry, and northern light auto flowers for outside container grow.

I’ve been cloning for more then ten years now since finding a steady source for pot in an illegal state was challenging for me, so out of necessity I got some bag seeds and kept a strain growing continuously. Over the years I’ve had two crop failures while on annual month long trips to the Everglades. Finding more seeds was begging friends for bag seeds, then a couple months of rationing before my stash would run out, then another very long month or two or three before my next harvest. Then things changed in November 2018, Michigan legalized pot! Yippee.

I had no idea you could buy seeds online since I never looked, but in fall of 2019 a friend said someone he knows bought seeds online. In January I decided to look and found ILGM, ordered a fem mix and waited for a check to clear. Received the seeds and started 2 of each right away, but before they were fully established my wife decided we needed to visit her sister in California. By the time we got back the seedlings had all taken the big deep six.

I started reading all the links that ILGM sent in their emails, downloaded the Bible and plant care books and read them, studied the web site some more and read about autoflowers and decided I needed to give them a try, so in March I order an autoflower mix.

The last week of March I started two more each of the fem mix, but neither of the candy kush made it past seedling stage. On April 1st my autoflower order came in (with a gold leaf fem deal). I planted two each of the auto flower and a gold leaf. This time I killed of one of the blueberry, but that’s ok, I didn’t have room to grow them all indoors anyway. So these clones were taken from the fems I started end of March, and since my autoflowers are about a month away from harvest, I decided to grow one more of each from seed. So that’s where we stand.

Here’s my technique: after trying several different ways to clone over the years I’ve found the easiest thing to do is use Root Riot starting cubes and Clonex cloning solution. I don’t bother sterilizing my clippers although when I use them I cleaned off the resin with alcohol. I cut them off at whatever angle they get cut at, probably closer to 90 degrees then 45, and I find no noticeable difference using cloning gel or not. I just add 3-4ml clonex to 20 oz water, soak the cubes for a bit, enlarge the hole in the middle so I can insert the stem easier, cut a bottom branch off the bottom of the plant, insert it in the root cube, place them in a tray, poor the rest of the water in the tray, put a humidity dome on and wait ten days.

image ![image|318x240]

(upload://gHlwFpyK7NhxnBy7oVb7Mdu94yp.jpeg) ![image|318x240]


The seedlings I soaked in cups of RO water. It took about 60 hours for all three to germinate in the cups of water with an 1/8 inch tail. No blackout, no paper towels, no plastic bags. Took the germinated seeds and planted them in a 1 gallon pot of fox farm soils. In April I put them in ocean forest and within 3 1/2 weeks from receipt of the seeds the autoflowers started flowering and within five weeks all five were flowering. In the last month or two I’ve heard many complaints On this forum about ocean forest being too hot, so this time I filled the 1 gallon pots 2/3 full of ocean forest, watered it down, filled all but the top inch with a 50/50 mixture of ocean forest and light warrior seed starter and watered that down. Filled the rest of the pot with seed starter, made a small indentation, poured the seed with soaking water into indentation, make sure seed is covered, put the humidity dome on and wait. 2 1/2 days later all three have shown their beautiful faces.

So here we are, four clones, to be grown indoors. One each Cherry pie, gscx, and gold leaf in my 3x5 grow room. The second gold leaf is my experiment. Bought a 3x3 grow tent, Kind led grow light, an AutoPot, and a plan to scrogg. Up till now I’ve only used 600 watt hid lights, soil and no training other then topping. I’m relying on information from this forum to get me through.

Just in case you want to see my current grow of auto flowers, here are the three I’m growing in containers outdoors. My first outdoor grow, and it’s legal! ![image|638x478]

Northern light on left, amnesia haze, blueberry on the right. All are between 32-37 inches tall and still growing. Should be done end of June.

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It seems the worst thing about grow journals is everything takes so long to happen. This grow was started on May 22 with the soaking of seeds and cuttings began. Eleven days in, here is what the babies look like.

One thing that bothers me is photos like above. Plant looks gigantic but it is only this big.

Here are the cuttings.


To pass the time, here is an update on my first autoflower grow. I received the seeds on April 1st (9 weeks tomorrow) and soaked 2 of each right away. One of the blueberry didn’t survive.

From left to right, Blueberry, Northern Lights, Amnesia Haze, Northern Light, Amnesia Haze. The three on the left have been outside the last couple weeks and are doing really well. The color of all three is identical and are between 32-37 inches. The two on the right began flowering a week behind the other three and are being grown indoor under a LED lamp. The short dark green NL is 24 inches tall, and the lighter colored AH is 43 inch tall.
All had the same feed schedule and all suffered through a lighting upgrade that I went through this spring. Started on T-5 LEDs, then MH, the HPS, then two different LED lamps, and for the three on the left, the sun. Doesn’t seem to have harmed them at all.

Fifteen days from beginning soak and ten days from breaking surface and the seedlings are starting to branch.

Just an update, autoflower mix seedlings back row, GSCE and Cherry Pie clones in front row. Seed soak started and cuttings taken May 22nd, 44 days ago. The autoflowers are 28-30 inches tall, the clones 16-18 inches tall.

The autoflowers are starting their third week of flowering. The holes are caused by a white butterfly that keeps coming around and sampling a couple of my plants. It’s not laying eggs so I’m not concerned since I’m not smoking fan leaves anyway. Live and let live.

The best growing clone is my experiment with an AutoPot. It was my gold leaf runt planted in fox farms coco loco and perlite 70/30. I’m using different nutrients from Ionic (a Michigan manufacturer) with the AutoPot which seem to make the plant happy as well (instead of fox farm dirty dozen). I’m so impressed with how well it is growing and how little water it uses compared with my conventional soil grows I‘ll probably buy more AutoPots.

Still have one Gold leaf clone to update you on, but that is in a grow tent and lights won’t be on until later.

Last clone is another gold leaf. First time scroging in a 3x3x8 tent. Seems to be doing well.