Clones from damaged plants

Can I pot my clones with our roots in miracle grow mix for cuttings and seed before they develop roots. I lost my two plants due to rain damage but not before getting two nice clones which at the moment are doing well in just water and sunlight. But we are due for another 7-10 days of heavy rain again and I found a way to shelter them but want get them in soil adapt if possible

You can, it is a mix for cuttings, but I rather see roots first.

Look on youtube or elsewhere for tutorials to make cheap and easy bubble clone machines. It is just like rooting a cutting in plain water, but has a much higher and faster success rate as the rooting area is usually blocked from the light and the water stays highly oxygenated/aerated. You could pick up a $10 aquarium air pump with some hose and an air stone and really large cleaned butter plastic tub with lid and make your self a cloner that will get those roots coming out much quicker for much more successful cloning.

For example you can get some of the parts here, or the whole thing here:

Of course you would build a much smaller one with a butter tub or plastic coffee can, with fewer cloning sites if you didn’t need this many. I did build a very large one just like the one featured in the link above, nowadays I might just pay the extra expense and buy that one rather than have to drill each of those holes and completely light proof the large container again.