Clone's for beginners

I have a beautiful AK 48 plant that’s now my mother. I am so excited only one bean germinate but it needed real help it only had one leaf so I let it be. Turns out for my patience it gave me a three shouts instead of three so pumped. My question is will the clones grow the same way.


First i want to welcome you to ILGM

Ok now tell me what happend to that plant that has the branches laid over ?
The clones may or may not turn out like there mother. Just depends on how there taken care of.


I just supercroped the branches. It has three arms if you will not two like most plants. I just love this plant the structure is awesome just wondering will the clones grow the same way. I was also trying to find a way to include all three in a clone just hypothetical if I could duplicate my mother like that. Just thinking out of the box. What do you think. I really appreciate your time and effort.

the structure of the clones is the same as when you cut them with a topping or 2 you will get more limbs but unlike a seedling it isn’t variable where it is identical will be growth rates and node spacing