Clones for beginners

I never tried peat pots but I have great success in rockwool and rapid roosters there like a sponge apost to rockwool is fiberous

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Im a ghetto grower in and illegal state and i cut 45° angle at snippings then skin outter layer and put few slits at bottom snip the tips of the fan leaves then use my rooting powder and put in in dixie cup under makeshift dome that i add a few breather holes on and seems to work every time. This was goldleaf clones and also cloned tomatoes

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Did you take a seedling cut it down and attempt to clone it?

What do yall thinks better for clones Dwc or Aeroponics @dbrn32 @fano_man

For rooting or growing? Aeroponics should root them faster i think. For growing them I feel like dwc would be more simple.

For rooting mainly but might consider dwc for growing

Well to get roots I’d say hydro but rock wool is considered hydro that’s what I use always