Clones dead in two days

Tans planted clones in root starter cubes to solo cups, kept 6 gave 60 to a friend. Used coco sphagnum moss perlite mix. 6 I kept are fine, 30 of the 60 died within 2-3 days

. See pics. Have not seen this before. Any ideas on what happened. Watered properly, grow medium was bought, fresh bag. The ones that died were near another group in cups that are fine. Please help me.

Growing medium looks really wet.

Are there plenty of holes for drainage in the cups?

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Can you share your cloning procedure, so we can help with any mistakes :+1::kangaroo:
Oh and the strain of the plant please, some are easier to clone than others.


I would like to know your procedure as well. Mostly because you say

Watering clones doesn’t really do a lot of good because they don’t have roots. The best way I’ve found to root clones is keep them in a dome and mist plants and dome.


Seems to be a lot of moisture in the container.

I just finished cloning today. I have found it much easier to occasionally mist the underside of the leaves if necessary. But mainly I just make certain the inside of the dome/cup cover is misted. You could do the same with the cups, just put an upside down cup over the plant and mist it, burping occasionally. This really helps to keep up humidity without waterlogging the stem.

The clones look scraggly, but they were taken from awkward growing lower chutes, and should turn up in a few days. All the stems were pretty strong.

Watered day I gave him them, 3 scissor cuts on bottom. They died within 3 days.

Water cuts when they feel light, top light colored. These had been watered they day they were given, dead within 3 days. Ones I kept are fine and growing. Cups have 3 scissor cuts on bottom edge. Pulled a dead one out of cup, roots came out with dirt and were white.


I’m not really certain. Let me try to grab someone who could give a better answer.

It’s possible there was foliar contamination involved after your friend took them, perhaps too much water, or maybe even a severe pH imbalance. Noting how you said the roots of the dead clones were white and developed, it probably wasn’t a pH issue. You’ve obviously been doing this for a while with success. Anything you might have done differently when cloning, or anything he might have done differently when receiving them? Did he spray them with anything? That’s a lot of clones to just die off that quickly.

I’m still thinking over watered, or heat/cold damaged. An inexperienced cultivator may have left them in the sun, or flooded them with more water than the 3 scissor cuts could drain. My solo cups have 4-6 1/8 holes in the bottom and a ring of the same size around the bottom lip.


Yes, 3 scissor cuts on bottom, never have had drainage problems in the past with watering habits or drainage issues. Pulled a couple of dead plants out of cups and roots were established and white. Not had this happen in the past. Starts/clones remaining at my place are growing well, clones of same age transplanted to pots have doubled in size and look healthy. Trying to see if anyone has had this problem or knows if it is a fungus or mold that would cause the plants to die off that rapidly. Don’t want to loose a crop cause of a problem that could be easily rectified. May have picked up something during transport? I don’t know and am a bit concerned.

The 30 that died weren’t in your possession? Maybe your friend doesnt have your skill lol. Welcome to ilgm and I hope your next clones do better :slight_smile:

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Still looks kinda green I’ve brought one back that looked like that. I found letting medium dry out some helps with the cloning process.


I agree with @Killadruid on that. The medium does look pretty saturated. Clones can sometimes return from the dead.

I was able to bring 7 of these back to life. 6 are in my tent right now. My situation was reversed from you. I received the clones from someone who had no clue what they were doing. You at least gave your buddy good clones to start, so it’s probably on him. Perhaps we should swap buddies. Lol


I’ll be ur buddy lol

these are all clones I’ve taken. No dome just flora spray


Nice. I have a lot to learn…

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Not really just root riots in plugs then into coco and just let them do thier thing.

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