Clones clones and more clones

Sorry for your loss. Take care!

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Thanks jane he wasent my dad my dad still kicking i think the pain i felt was for my sister and her kids.

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@Treasurestoy I clipped the lower fans and added three more Tangie OG clones to the seedling tray.

So when you guys clone do you scrape the sides with razor or anything to expose softer tissue.

@DRsDank I do. These plants have been in veg a long time while I battled spider mites so stems are woody. I believe @Treasurestoy shaves them also.

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Cool cool just checking

@DRsDank i cut at angle at the last node then i scrap the outter off and dip in water then cloning powder then into my soil.

As far as the woody stems cut your clones from the top of your plant that more like newer growth.

LOL even the tops are woody!

Yeah its been in veg a long time then hopefully they will take its time for me to transfer my clones look at these things 3 are on there second week. After and some are on 3rd. When i say weeks im saying since i put them in the soil


They were teens when I bought them and I spent the last 8 weeks fighting the massive spider mite infestation. Even if I get one clone each I will be happy!

If you scraped you will more than likely get all the 1s you cut to take just mybe take a lil longer

Some people keep the same mother in veg. For years to clone off of.


I have 10 clones in the seeding/clone dome and another twelve or headed there in a couple of weeks.

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