Clones clones and more clones

Hello everyone this is my first time cloning and they all took all 7 of them now they have been vegging for about 6weeks and im going go be putting them into flower in about 2weeks these clones are ww×gg4 i took some new clones from a ultimate purple mom they are about 2weeks alone just starting to see the first sign they may have roots there are 6 of them


Amazing! I must have tried a dozen clones my first grow and only had one take (it is a runt and quite “unique” looking after and unplanned flower/reveg situation). I have better soil and lights this time around and I had 5 of 7 root. Three look really good and the other two might make it. I have about 10 more cuttings in water in a window sill and will put those in soil this week. Going to try a quick veg and then go straight to flower. Happy grows to you!


Ive been realy busy i lost my bother a couple days ago and it’s been hard on the whole family so ill get bk on here and post again soon and make tags for people to join the process of these clones and reply to tge person who. Posted i can’t just yet my eyes cant even focus to read it ill ne bk growmies in a couple days

I am very sorry for your loss. You and your family have my deepest condolences. Take care my cloning friend.

Thanks @JaneQP im gonna start back posting im in flower now im having some fading going on that i have to figure out what’s going on im in the process of moving into my new home but I’ll try and post pictures. And give updates

This here is the ultimate purple bcbd colas so big my plant split i had to tape it colas flopping all over the place
This 1 here is Cinderella jack idk how many more weeks it got but its alot
From dp.
ive harvested all my clones they are hanging to dry i done it over a 5day period so they all want be dry at the same time give me time each day to do my final trim and jar. Im so sorry i really didnt post on this grow like i should i lost my brother my home my cousin and i just really wasent into this grow like i should have been to be honest i just watered every 2days during flower thats a no no i just wasent into this grow at all but im back on track and gonna start a 4 plant closet auto grow

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I am very sorry for your loss.

Well i made it so far but now 2 of my nieces have covid cant seem to catch a break. Well any who a update on what i have going on right now im revegging the ultimate purple for some clones all the clones i took from her i killed of except for 1during my down time and the 1 i kept i left it in my flowering tent and it started flowering in a solo cup very small barely any roots so im finishing up the Cinderella jack got about 2-3weeks left i have 3 new ladies gelato og,zombie death fuck ,and :watermelon: zkittles. All 3 of them showed there heads 3 days ago im planning on taking 2 clones of each and let them grow with the next seeds i plant of these same plants im hunting but im doing it 1 plant at a time different strains thats why i take clones kust in case shes a keeper. My new girls are all in 5g fab pots with a mix of ff coco loco/ffof/perlit/ organic amendments/worm casting. As of now just have to water when dry and watch them grow thats really all i have to do for the next 6or so weeks beside compost teas and topping lst will take pictures tomorrow when lights are on.