Cloned Top.... Will she produce decently?

Several months ago I put a pinched top into my DIY cloner just to see if she would root. I was honestly expecting to watch it rot away but the damn thing rooted but it took forever! At this point she is about 14weeks since taken from mother. My question is will she produce much? Just curious

Taken from a Kush mother

she should produce a similar crop to her mother plant given all of the same circumstances.


I had some issues with the mother during final weeks of flowering so her output was drastically reduced. I’ve never had a top to actually root and grow so I wasn’t sure if I was wasting my time with it.

If grown properly, the clone can easily yield more than the mother did.

I’m now on my 3rd generation of Blueberry Clones. I’ve cloned a clone of a clone lol. And each one seems to grow bigger and better!


The reason for this I believe @ktreez420 is because every time u take a clone from a plant that you’ve been growing , it adapts to the environment that your providing it , I’ve heard a lot of growers say that potency and yield decrease over time when taking a clone from a clone but I tend to disagree with that , I have ran strains for years and have never seen a difference in potency or yield unless I messed up during the grow , but that was my fault not the plants…