Clone to flower


your pics did not upload @Covertgrower


It’s just me but I would transplant. @Covertgrower


I’m with @Screwauger. You’ll have to do it at some point, now better than a few weeks into flower.


I agree @Covertgrower, prolly the longer you wait the harder it will be to transplant


Not just you, looks like unanimous agreement :wink: I’m late to the convo but I’m with y’all… repot sooner than later (but not too soon) :grin:


Okay thanks all. Transplant it is. I also have to check run off for the adopted plants. My boss is notorious for just dumping PH’d nutrients in, but not checking run off. He runs the NFTG line up. I’ll get this done later today. Got some cloning to do as well.


Not gonna lie, I usually only check runoff if I see or am responding to an issue. #lazy


@dbrn32 I’m on board with that, however I want double check because I’ve seen his grows… both had PH issues. I told him to flush them, but I know he never did. I know his yield is suffering. Oh well I guess.


I’m glad it’s not just me :wink:

I did it once and the numbers kinda freaked me out. Also, I’m confused about the accuracy of the runoff when using fabric pots… Mine look like they have salt build-up (or something) on the outside. Wouldn’t the runoff pick up some of that, affecting the reading?


It could be calcium also @GreenThunder. Yes depends on how much build up, it could affect the outcome. Mostly PPM though I would think.
I don’t check run off, unless I think there’s an issue either. Time constraints, and kids… ain’t nobody got time for that.


I usually suck up the first cup or so of run off and discard it. Then I will check the rest of the runoff because that’s a truer number without picking up the build up and throwing your numbers way off.


Oh ya, don’t blame you for that! The whole “you can’t burn with organic nutes” is a fallacy too, so keep that in mind. It’s more difficult to burn with organic in my opinion. I think it also takes longer to see.


lol killed plenty of my garden last year but my heavy feeders carrots potatoes corn did well in the same dirt which had sat through the rain of spring. You could see as clear as day where I added fresh compost in my garden like giant dead zones where everything started then died


Outta hearts but love this “ain’t nobody …” hahahaha
Me neither what’s “runoft”? *oh brother where art thou.


I guess that compost was not quite done! I know chicken poop is so hot (high nitrogen) you have to let compost sit for a couple of years before you use it.


@1BigFella I would think with thoroughly mixing every couple of weeks, or even once a month, I think it would be safe enough to use in 6 months or less. Depends on what’s in with it. Leaves take a little while to break down all the way. Adding urea can help speed up the process.


You’re right. I haven’t made compost in about 40 years. I see there is a lot of info about it on the web. If you put in the right mix, moisten it, then let it heat up to extremely hot temps, and then stir it and repeat at least twice more, you can use it a lot sooner. Still should sit about 120 days to let all the pathogens die out. Chicken poop is loaded with salmonella and such.


On the clone to flower front, I think my GL clone might be making a rebound:

She seems less lime green and like she is getting her color back. She felt light today so I watered her to run off with tap water (ph 6.7 ppm 67). Run off tested at 6.01 and 677 (if I remember correctly). I’ll be curious how she does this week.


@Bogleg she responded well to a little care. She’s going to produce something. A bit short, but she looks great.


@dbrn32 the adopted clone, got a little light bleaching and it’s pretty short and far enough away from the light. I got a good laugh out of it considering mine must be well adjusted. Goes to show you though…