Clone to flower


Sorry, I read everything again and it makes sense now. Looks like you had a really severe nute buildup. The seven gallon flush seems to have done the trick, though feeding again immediately afterwards might have not been the best way to go. I do think you’re best to just leave it be for a few days and see if she responds.


Hard to say that I think. She obviously looks hungry, the flush may have been a good idea to get to square one but I feel not feeding after wouldn’t have made that any better.


Good point, I did not consider the fact that the plant still needed a feeding. Betting this was exactly what needed to be done.


I’m guessing, I’ve never grown in anything but dirt. I should probably try sometime just so I have an idea of what’s going on. Probably about the same place bogleg is. It just seems like a safe play to do what he did.


I figure this is an excellent learning experience on a plant near death’s door with a few weeks of life left under the best conditions that I honestly don’t have any emotional, monetary or time investment into. In other words if the clone dies, I’m not going to be heart broken, so I might as well learn as much as I can from her in the mean time. :smiley:


12 hours after I abused her in many different ways and it looks like she’s still alive and kicking. :slight_smile: Albeit barely…


Thank you for sharing this. It’s really interesting to see and to do little tests on them. Good job and keep up the good work… Though your ladies may not feel the same as I do. Haha


I think - for me at my stage of experience - clones are a great way to get a cheap candidate for experimenting. :slight_smile:

I should probably do a soil grow sometime down the road just so I can better understand the medium. I am definitely doing an outdoor grow this year.


I will be following along so thank you for posting this experiment. Coincidentally I just took eight clones myself off of some plants I’m growing and really enjoyed. These girls are getting pampered though. I even bought a heat mat for them.


That’s cool. I grow in soil but indoors. I really enjoy it. Plus I’m relatively new to all of this. About 1 year of starting to figure how to do a decent grow. I think you’ll enjoy growing outside and with soil. Thx


My problem is lack of space for additional plants - if the 4x4 tent is full I have no where to put them - so I can take clones during veg and veg them in the tent, but then they have to go to 12/12 and by then I am completely out of room. This is the one clone that I managed to have enough space to keep around. I will be resolving that this Spring.


I’m sort of in the same boat as yourself concerning space. I’m only allowed one little room in our basement to do both veg and flower so no perpetual grow for me. The trick becomes juggling keeping clones alive in my little cloning area for 6 to 8 weeks. Then I can plant them in their veg pots and start their grow etc. Naturally over my time learning I’ve seen some funky things happened to my clones too.


I totally get that - my other issue is I have like 50 seeds and a bunch of strains I want to grow, so I am currently unwilling to give up my grow space for clones of strains I already have on hand. Once I have my “weed bar” stocked I’ll probably get to cloning the ones I like best.


You sound like me. I love variety! I always got something different every time I went to a dispensary. But that stuff is just so expensive cuz I always went for the top shelf so starting a few years ago I decided to grow myself. Not only fun but economical. If you start anything new I would be interested in following. My wish list on ilgm website for seeds is ridiculous. I want to order blue dream and LA Confidential after my clones are done.


FYI for variety I wouldn’t give up my space either… if I have the option. Keep up the good work and thanks!
I have a critical 2.0 and a captain chem number 4 going. These (their mothers) were originally dispensary clones I got a while back. Enjoy your grow and thank you for sharing your test.


I’ll tag you on my next grow. My plan is to do one blackberry kush in a SCROG like I am doing now with my Gold Leaf and Super Silver Haze, and two autos: one blueberry and one amnesia haze. I should harvest my current grow sometime in February so I’ll probably start the new beans in two or three weeks under my CFL fixture.


Thank you! That’s awesome! I’m jealous haha. Gold Leaf sounds amazing, Super Silver Haze sounds amazing, all of it sounds amazing. If you think of it or don’t mind, could you tag me when you start to actually germinate your beans? I’d really like to see how other people do that. The few times I’ve use seeds I’ve had some success with putting them in a glass of water until a tail sprouts out then when it’s relatively long (I know that’s not very scientific) I plant it taproot down in a little pot of soil.


Sure thing - germination and seedling stage is where I have the most issues so I will happily let you watch me fumble around when I get there.


Too funny. I actually laughed out loud. Well that’s how I feel myself. So when I get my seeds from ILGM I will tag you also and I will start to post my first journal beginning to end.


@rodri59 @3high5you @peachfuzz @Bman88900 @TxGrowman @GreenThunder @dbrn32 @Bogleg @BIGE @Screwauger okay, so we started flowering today. We’ll have 3 different sized clones. Gsc, and two WW. Just picked them up, and I haven’t transplanted yet. Should I transplant the super tiny one into something different or leave it to struggle with light?