Clone to flower


@1BigFella after that long, you typically only have “root nodes” that take in water and nutrients. I inspected that small clones root system, or lack of, when I transplanted. I had stopped spraying after I transplanted. If it’s staying alive with out spraying, it has the ability to uptake water and nutrients even if it’s just enough. You have give it probably a minimum of 15 days before you see a physical root coming from the main. Hope this helps.


So here’s the plan… trano plant these onto coco in 2 weeks then they can veg for 4 then into flower and it’s just gonna be a continuous grow and harvest depending on size I may try 4 it just depends how this one harvest from 3 plus stretch will determine how many I can do I’m hoping for 4 at a time and I would be happy with half to 3/4 lb harvest that would sup ply my every need and some friends and fam


Okay folks… I guess I am going to have to learn some soil skills.

I got some small fabric pots today and transplanted my sickly clone to one of the new pots:

I am not going to buy anything else just to save a clone (even though it looks like it could produce a nice bud) so I used the dirt I had in the house:

She was watered yesterday with plain water, and was root bound in her previous home.

Now what should I do?


that looks like slow release potting soil,i’m not sure if that is good to use @Bogleg
@bob31 @garrigan65 could one of you guys help me out?


Yeah - I’m sure that’s exactly what it is. I am not going to buy soil just for this experiment so advise accordingly. :smiley:

After transplant I watered to run-off. Water consisted of 2.5ml of silica per gallon, PH 6.52. Run-off has a PH of 6.28.


Has slow release nitrogen, probably just water ph correct for a while. Speaking of which, that is soilless mix correct?


Haha - well I guess? Looking at the ingredients I think you are right. I don’t know anything about soil stuff.


I think you just ph it closer to hydro levels. @Countryboyjvd1971 uses promix which I believe is similar. I think he could verify.


Inph my promix just like soil what isvthe question im am being lazy lol and corgit my glasses :eyeglasses: today lol
Youll be fine sont feed anything until she shows signs of needing it water 6.5 ph
If your concerned about the extra nutrients you can flush the soil
Youll be fine in veg @Bogleg


Originally I had thought I would just flush it tonight, then water it and watch it, and feed when she shows feeding. @Countryboyjvd1971 this is a clone top that is already in flower:


This is the potting soil:



yup I have used this with my pro-mix
and where did you guy get this slow release no way is it slow release. Sorry Boys



thanks for setting us straight will!
i seen slowly available nitrogen and assumed it was slow release…
i’ll note this down @garrigan65



I wasn’t trying to be mean or anything but i didn’t want you all or anyone else that reads this to not get the wrong idea of the mix.

No Worries my friend



I read it from bottom of pic that bogleg posted of the bag. If it’s not enough to be concerned about, even better! Sorry about the confusion.


Well so should I flush it or not? I’m going with not at this point.


I decided to just go against all the advice people have given me and followed me gut, so…

I flushed it with 3 gallons of a Florakleen mixture with tap water (67ppm, 6.4 PH). Then I let it dry out until it stopped dripping and watered her with the following (per gallon):

2ml FloraMicro
1ml FloraGrow
4ml FloraBloom
2ml CalMag
3ml Silica

That came out to a PPM of 325. I ph’d it to 5.89 and watered to around 10% run-off. The run off was PH 6.23 and PPM of 1950. I’ve been advised that 1950 is way too high, so I am going to go flush some more.


Okay, I ran 4 more gallons through her and got a run of 97ppm. Good enough. So I fed her the same nutrient mix, run off came out at 300…? Maybe because of the florakleen?

Run off PH was 6.2, and I forgot to PH down the water I put in her… it was at 6.7. :o:

Anyway I needed to get her back in the tent, so now I’ll wait a couple of days and see what happens.


Have you calibrated your meters recently, @Bogleg ? The numbers seem to not make sense.


Yes I have. Last week. :confused: