Clone to flower


Even bettet if it has a 4 inch freash air intake thats more than enough brother
Youll need a barometric damper for the intake as well just incase the pipe get clogged outside the boiler will still run safely that way
Ill get a picture on how i have my boiler in the am i have my boiler set up exactly the way tou want to set your up brother


Ok sounds good. @Countryboyjvd1971 no worries. The exhaust is very short. Maybe only 4.5ft vented sideways through the wall. It’s covered in insulation also, so it may be difficult to see everything but I’ll get the the burner position etc.


@Countryboyjvd1971 you’re a pretty solid dude for doing stuff like that!


It’s great we all have this wealth of knowledge about growing, life, and trades and we all are more than willing to share at the drop of a hat.

@BIGE I’m going to throw a cpl clones in it tonight and see what happens I will keep you posted my guy


@Countryboyjvd1971 @dbrn32 @Bogleg
Just want to mention I installed this myself I know what I’m doing most days. (If you want the story why I installed a boiler in a shed I can explain farther lol) May have solved the problem. Air is warmed now before going in the tent. I installed an intake tube, and shut off tent flaps. I made a fiberglass insulation tunnel sort of, to funnel cold air to the to the burner.


Hope it works! Looks good from Chicago anyway haha!


My famous saying always has been “Back in Chicago in 46’ we didn’t have to it that way, we did it the hard way!” In remembrance of my witty friend Art who used to say it all the time.


We must be hard headed or something. I feel like they’re still doing it the hard way!


@dbrn32 @Bogleg @BIGE Very appropriate for this thread. My boss has a clone he doesn’t have room for. So I’m trading him OG Kush and GSC clones for it. So we will throw this clone right into flower. Picking it up Friday.


how cool is that!!!
GSC is dreamy!!!


Saaaaweeet! Worked out about perfectly didn’t it.


@BIGE @dbrn32
I don’t think there’s a sweet enough term for it.
I never dreamed I would have a grow like this. I went from a 1/3 full tent, with not enough light, to a tent I know will end up 100% full and lots of light. Bringing the number to 19.


I threw in 3


Congrats bro I finally got things started but I’m going to save all that for my journal and not clog this up


Raise the roof lol, literally!


@Sirsmokes feel free to post your clone to flower grow here as well. No worries. Different strains different results.


Right now I only have 3 lol don’t have the light for that but the way things are going I’m looking at a 4 plant clone crop every 8 or 9 weeks that gives me roughly 6 weeks veg for clones trained to be short and spread out but have a nice 3x3x5 open veg space it will work out nice for me if I can get 3/4 lb every 8 weeks I’d be happy from the clones then I got the ilgm seeds on their way soon hopefully so I’m building another 28in x 28 in x 72in with a 600w hid hps and a few 300 galaxy hydros for the ilgm seeds and will only flower 1 plant at a time but it can be big


I will take a pic of the clones without the top and post it here in a few min. Last go around I saw they had new growth and did nothing about it when I should have transplanted bit now I have room for the roots to grow and coco to put them in so we will see


I have a cloning question: I have some little 2 inch clones taken when I topped my plant. They are dipped in Clonex Gel and stuck in Root Riot cubes. They are only about five days old, but they are all popping out new growth at their tops. Lots of little leaves that almost look like new grass. Does this mean they are all rooted, or am I just doing a bang-up job of spraying them with 1/2 strength nute solution several times a day? I am afraid to pull a cube out of the tray so soon to check for roots.


You definitely could have roots by day 5. If you’re careful, you should be safe to check.