Clone to flower


I ordered a one gallon fabric pot. It will get here on Thursday so I will transplant her into it then. I’ll have to look at the bag of soil I have on hand - it’s a starter soil so probably has a lot of nitrogen in it.


@Bogleg drainage is key for my grow…fabric pots will make a BIG difference and you can bank on that!


Hah - in my hydro world drainage is to be avoided, so this is new to me. :smiley:


i’m using promix so yea drainage is a must…
wet/dry quickly gets the girls growing good!


Oh ya, the smart pot is a good idea! Not only do they drain better, but I think they kind of self prune excess root growth too.


I have no luck myself out of 10 2 made it wit previews attempt 0 for 3 so I’m 2 for 13 not but 15 percent success rate. That’s why I bought a hydro clone machine


My first round I took 4 clones (during veg) and I successfully rooted two (one from each plant). Then I took clones right when I switched to flower (took 6, three from each plant) and successfully rooted two of them under 12/12 lights (took about two weeks) - but I ended up tossing all of them except the one I posted above.

I have a little tote - maybe a gallon in size - with six holes in top. I got the branch off, trimmed it below a node, dipped it in CloneX and put it in a rapid rooter with the bottom of the stem directly in the water in my little tote. I kept the cloner in the tent under whatever light setting I had my main plants on. One thing I need to do is find a way to cover my clones - I haven’t addressed that yet so I’ve had humidity issues with it being winter and all.


Some pop bottles with top removed can work pretty good individually.


those are nice!
what do you have?
how much?
i liked @MAXHeadRoom fog cloner too…


I just got a cheap 3.5 gallon off of amazon it was 38.something less than 40 let me see if I can find and post link




I am going to try the “sparking water” method with clones next go around, so I will just use the bottles from that as humidity domes. :smiley:


@dbrn32 All out of likes, but the your clone is great @Bogleg
Fabric pot will help, and it really does prune the roots.
Since we are on the subject of clones, my tent got to 38°F last night. That’s too low for me, and I’m going to do some adjusting to the boiler to keep it a little warmer. It’s ok to drop 20°, but 38° too close to 35° which is about when I saw the clone damp off and die. (Remember the male THC Bomb clone?) It was only cold for about 2 hours, and the temp came back up to 60°F. Also consider that we recently had an extreme cold snap, and so the boiler is running a lot to keep even my house warm too. The problem lies is it draws fresh air in through cracks around the door for extended burn times. Think if I made a duct to the burner help? Any suggestions are welcome.


@Covertgroweryeah 38 is cold
I keep a small heater in grow space and set low to prevent extreme low temp
I also have two tents flower tent light on 12 pm to 12 am and veg tent is on from 12 to 6 am also to heat fight temps


I don’t know if you’ve been following my journal at all lately but I installed timers on my fans and run them one minute on, two minutes off… dramatically increased my temps and added around 10% to my humidity.


Cycle timers will definitely help as well
What do tou want to do with duct and boiler ? Im confused


i have something similar i think…i’ll dig it up…


@Countryboyjvd1971 I apologize for the confusion. The boiler is located inside the shed where the grow is also located. The boiler has a thermostat to maintain a 140° minimal temperature. You can see the humidity spikes in the above screenshot meaning the boiler is firing with diesel. (Oil fired boiler) The before mentioned duct was to connect to the oil burner where it sucks air in. It’s essentially emptying the grow space of already heated air, and drawing in outside air. After some thinking a duct leading directly to the burner will give it fresh air with out removing all of the heated air from the grow space. I think this will work, I guess I was just double checking. I can get pictures later after work. (4 hours behind you)


If the boiler has a 6” exhaust would a 4” intake be adequate? Or same size? @Countryboyjvd1971


Oh ok that makes sense
Do me a favor take a few pictures of the boiler set up / shed
Let me take a look and see if theres a safe way to bring the combustion air to burner
I know it nit living space but I wouldn’t want to give unsafe advice
Im sure we can come up with something my friend
Im get up at 230 am for work which cimes fast lol
Im going to be jumping off here for now ill check tomorrow for pictures
Tag me when you post them
:v:️ CB