Clone to flower


@dbrn32 @BIGE @Screwauger I’m kind of amazed that this one clone did so well. I didn’t trim any fan leaves at all this time. It also didn’t lose any! Which is the far opposite of the other clone…


Here was the average living conditions. The red part on the end is when I removed it from the humidome.
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Still no likes for 14 minutes ha.

Trimming the leaves has very little effect on whether they make it or not in my experience. When I started most died regardless, and now I feel like most make it regardless. There’s probably 100 different ways and hormones people use successfully, you just figure out what works best for you and run with it.


I swear you work for this company! I’ve had that sensor push thing in my cart a bunch of times. Finally pulled the trigger tonight. Treat yo self, right?


@3high5you I purchased the SensorPush sensor for my own benefit. I don’t work for the company. Lol. It does work well though! You’ll love it. You can purchase the gateway separately if you want to check your garden from anywhere but it’s not needed.


Haha, I held back because of the $100 gateway. I’m mostly a homebody though, so I feel like it’ll serve it’s purpose well without it. I will definitely post my thoughts when it arrives. Shiny new toy!


i need more technology @Covertgrower! lol
that is great!


I’m retired now so I really have no need to check anything remotely: I’m here every day! I even gave up my smart phone because I hated looking at that tiny screen. I like my 24 inch monitor instead.


I’ll have to post a pic of my clone for you @Covertgrower. I have one remaining clone - the Gold Leaf top from when I topped the plant the first time. It rooted pretty quick under 18/6 lights, so I threw it in a small pot of dirt and just have watered it with whatever water was near by every now and then. It look absolutely horrible. Haha! But it’s got buds on it now so I am just letting it go. It should be re-potted I am sure but I have no space to put it so I am just going to let it do it’s thing in the pot it is in, and if it dies, it dies. If not, then bonus for me.

I’ll go down and snap one and you can see pretty much everything is wrong with it. Heh.


So I just had a question… what if you monster clone a clone from the same grow?

For example, let’s say I take a top off a plant and root it, then once it’s rooted I throw it in 12/12 until it has buds. I get to week 3 of flower (where I am now), and I simply cut the clone off at the knees, so to speak (chop t the main stem as if the whole thing were a clone, and redo the cloning procedure). If I did that would it be a “monster” clone?


Here she is. Poor thing.


Yes it would. I monster cropped two of my GSC, and they’re doing great. I took 18 clones from my last grow, and I killed only 1 because it got too big in a solo cup and no holes and I over watered it. That’s why I was surprised to see this one die so early, my success rate had been higher in the past. lol. @Bogleg I’m considering monster cropping only this next cloning round.


@Bogleg @1BigFella @BIGE @dbrn32 here we are all transplanted in FFOF and thoroughly watered and fed with FF nutrients. When I transplanted I didn’t see any actual roots, but it must have the ability to take in water from somewhere. Should I give it another week? Your guys’ call here. I would make a voting thingy, but I’m not sure how.


Munchkin will be flowered this Friday. Just wanted to be certain of new growth, is well adjusted to tent temperatures. Humidity is low for veg, at 30%.
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Turn and burn with her. It will probably reduce her production some, but who cares. Side project lol.

@Bogleg you should give that clone some love. If you haven’t been topping her or anything they can have some solid single cola potential. Obviously, not as much being the whipping child off to the side of your grow. But they can still produce a nice cola. And you can a monster cropped clone without taking the main cola, so why not do both lol. Just a thought anyway.


Hah! When I get home tonight I’ll post a pic of it and ask for advice. I don’t even know where to start with it. It’s in soil.


All right, here is a pic of my clone:

I’m embarrassed to even share it.

So, this is what’s happened with this clone to date:

This clone is top of the Gold Leaf plant I currently have in week 4 of flower. I took her when the plant had 5 or so true sets of leaves, and I put her in my cloner. Once she rooted I just plopped her into this pot that I had lying around, and threw her in my tent. Every few days I have thrown some water in her - sometimes with nutes, sometimes without, just depending on what I had close at hand. Since I flipped to 12/12 flower I try to be cognizant of when I’ve given her nutes and when I haven’t, so lately I’ve been watering her every other day, with nutes every other watering. I haven’t measured PH, PPM, anything on her.

I am sure she is root bound but 1) I don’t have a bigger pot and 2) I don’t have any space to continue flowering her in a bigger pot.

My plan was just to let her finish out how she is and I’ll get what I get. This was really just an experiment and anything she produces is a bonus. All that being said, with all the horrors I’ve put her through, she is still kicking. So, what would you do to maximize her potential over the next 4 weeks short of putting her in a bigger pot?

Oh yeah and I just watered her - she felt totally dry.


See if you can find soil schedule for your nutes an ph water properly for soil I would say. If you can wiggle her around to get best of the leftover light possible will help too.

Given the limited space, maybe some of the others have more suggestions?


I wonder if I should try to find a better pot - that one doesn’t drain at all… Hmm. If I had one that would drain at least I could water to run off and truly set PPM and PH on her… I’ll look into finding a better small pot.