Clone to flower


@Covertgrower lookin good brotha!!!


i really like GSC @Covertgrower,


Me too! That’s why I cloned I think 8 of them! In my grow journal it’s the very back row, plus an extra one. @BIGE I decarbed some and made lemon cake with it last night. I had a piece, and next time it’ll be a smaller piece! I love the smell!
My first grow I ended up with 10 feminized seeds from them. So I’m glad I can grow more when I change strains.


Sweet! What did you come up with for transplant?


I have fabric pots coming. They should be here soon. @dbrn32


Nice! I think/hope they are going to surprise you.


We will all be surprised together! @dbrn32


that is awesome the extra seeds…
i got one seed out of a super skunk but it was not fully matured…i’ve been lucky,i guess…i could have used an extra gsc seed though!!!lol


If I could, I would send you a few! @BIGE


Out of likes @BIGE @Covertgrower


hmmm…if there is a will there is a way…lol


I’m sure, find a way to the frozen tundra and I’m sure he’ll hook you up. Mrs covertgrower seems pretty sweet too, perhaps she’ll cook you dinner lol.


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Okay, so either this clone was doomed from the beginning or I wasn’t diligent enough in keeping it moist. But we did lose a clone. I watered it, but I don’t think it’s going to make it. Sorry everyone. How soon should I transplant into the 5 gallon fabric pot? Wait until roots come out of the bottom?
There wasn’t any set guidelines on this experiment, so I’m just asking for input.


No biggie right. It was last minute unplanned addition. If you see roots through the dirt the other should be good to go.


@Screwauger @1BigFella @skgrower @dbrn32

I haven’t checked for roots yet. I’ll give it a lift and check underneath tomorrow. I don’t think its quite that far along yet.


Whatever you think, I’m sure will be all good. If you’re looking to get the tent flipped go ahead and get after it. No sense in the munchkin holding up the show.


looks great @Covertgrower i’m still learning about/how to clone…
that one looks great,and i bet it has plenty of roots…


Yep, she looks like odds are she has rooted, if so, no real hurry unless you need her to move. Good transplanting practices (gentle care, a bit of great white or similar, water in well with 1/4 strength nute solution and keep out of direct light for 24 hrs is what I do) will give her the best chance wherever/whenever you move her @Covertgrower


@dbrn32 I’m not worried about holding up the flowering. I am much more patient this grow. I do want to make sure munchkin survives the transplant too!
@BIGE This is my second time cloning. My first public clone failure! I’m usually more diligent in checking it, and I should have sprayed her more often. As long as there is high humidity, a heated seedling mat, and spraying the clones daily they usually survive. (Don’t forget the Clonex gel)


trust me buddy i’ve smoked some clones,and not in a good way either…lol
i’m thinking i’ve had about 40% success
i moved on to rootech gel…about 50/50 on it