Clone to flower


we live and learn @Bogleg
still looks like primo bud, any special plans for it?
i’m thinking i’m going to make a lot of tincure/oil this round…


I just put it in the jars with the rest and will smoke it when I get to it. :slight_smile:


Nice! You still looking at doing a few in something like that pvc type setup?


I am. My plan, if I choose to accept it, is to build a PVC system with a 4" pipe on top long enough to hold six clones using cloning collars. That will sit on top a self-contained stand made from 1" or 2" pipe (I have a bunch of both on hand). I’ll put a pump underneath between the legs of the stand and run the water through the whole system that way. I have to figure out a simple way to add, remove, and change the water in the system and I have to figure out how much water such a system would hold first to make sure it’s viable. If it isn’t I’ll have to hook up an external reservoir, in which case I have to re-think the whole thing.


I’m guessing there’s a particular reason you’re not just gonna pump out of one of the other res? Different strains?


Hmm… that’s a good idea… if I built it to connect to the 8 gallon tote the plant is in I could use the same water for everything… and perhaps build it so I could also use it for an RDWC system for the main tote with the mother plant in it… good news is I’m still in the seedling stage so I have time to figure it out… but I like the idea of being able to plug in the cloning station to an existing RDWC system… I guess I’ll start working on building the RDWC system soon.


lol, i hear ya on that !! that is what i prefer but my lungs just does not want to co-operate…


Very nice @Bogleg my smaller clone should be ready to come down, but I’ll be lucky if I get a whole gram out of her. Ok maybe closer estimate of 4 grams…
On another note I just want to thank @dbrn32 for the suggestion of doing this. I love experimenting and I now know it can be done. I bet I could’ve left the smaller one in a solo cup. I’ll be taking a look to see what kind of root developement happened after being switched so quickly.


Ya, you know my hydro experience is a big fat goose egg lol. Just thought as I’m picturing it in my head. A slight pitch to the pvc (can we call it a header, unit, or whatever) then pump to the high end and let gravity take its course running to the low end, where it drains back into existing res.

I’m not even sure if the advantages or disadvantages of doing it that way. So don’t let me be too convincing haha. But seems easy enough.


My initial thought is to build a two station RDWC with 8 gallon totes and a third 8 gallon tote as the control bucket.

They will have a manifold on the backend with the control bucket on the front end. The manifold on the back end I could raise up to be level with the buckets (12" from the ground) and I could make it be able to hold clones (collars/holes in the top of it) with 3 on each side and the return line between the two sets of three.

I’ll draw a picture.


I’m thinking something like this. I’d have to have the water go up from the bottom of the totes into the manifold and I would have to account for the screens and mother plant sizes to make sure the clones have space and light. Seems doable if I can move the water up 12” of 1” pipe on both sides.


@Bogleg I think that would work as long as you have drainage, and a pump that’s a correct size.


The plan would be to have a couple of valves and a quick connect option of some sort so I can close it off and use the pump to pump it empty.


You see, this is where my inexperience comes in. I would have pumped to the pvc and just had it higher than the totes gravity feeding back to them. Where would I be going wrong doing that way? My only hang up would be the possibility of roots blocking water flow potentially.

Side note, you think it would be easier gluing in a series of tee’s to put the collars in? Or cutting the holes?


The location of the clones isn’t set in stone, for sure… I could see putting them after the pump in the middle, too. I haven’t built an RDWC system and I’m not a plumber so I dunno. I’ll have to play around with it and see what gives good water flow without causing any headaches. As for how to set the clones in the PVC… not sure yet how I want to tackle that either. :smiley:


For sure! The plumbing wouldn’t be an issue for me. Knowing what will and won’t work, definitely a different story lol.


@Bogleg @dbrn32
Don’t forget about @Dkr8180 hydro set up. That’s pretty sweet.


Aaannnddd the wet weight is in on the smallest of the smallest. I even got a shot of the her roots. I wanted to know for myself how much she put out underneath. I would say almost the same size as an odd shaped softball but bigger than a tennis ball.
@dbrn32 @Bogleg @MattyBear


What strain is that?


Girl Scout Cookies. Non-ILGM. @Dkr8180 sweet, and earthy when in flower. My favorite.