Clone to flower


Okay, @dbrn32 ‘s suggestion I took two clones, and as soon as they have roots they’ll go to flower. These are Girl Scout Cookies strain. It’s a hybrid, and doesn’t stretch much when making the switch. This is an experiment I’m sure it’s been done before but I dont know.
So, the basics:
ph’d Water was used, the medium is FFOF, it’s what I had. I used cloning gel for root development. I also sprayed the clones with Clonex spray. Just want to mention Clonex is made in Michigan… not relevant I know. I’m using a humidome, with a seed heating mat. They’ll need it, as the grow is located in a shed that gets chilly at night but not below 50°F. To be more accurate I’ve relocated my SensorPush to the inside of the humidome.
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You have already flowered that Pheno in previous grow correct? How long did they go?


@dbrn32 yes, I’ve flowered these before. This strain finished as early as 60 days, to almost 68 days. I didn’t keep track which specific mother flowered longer. These are clones of my original grow.


Not bad. A little longer would be better, but we’ll take it. You have something like a three gallon pot to throw them in when they’re ready?


@dbrn32 there might have been one that went to the 75 day mark, she really took her time. I have coffee containers with holes I was considering. Think that’s large enough?


Probably not, but if that’s what you have roll with it. They certainly won’t need 5 gallon pots, but 2-3 would probably better than a coffee can. I could usually get by with 1 gallon on an 8 week strain, but a couple would bind up here and there.

They’ll just lose a little potential, no big deal.


@dbrn32 I’ll check the local hardware stores for a fabric pot in the 2-3 gallon range. The ups guy has 3 vans full of amazon boxes, and is running behind. Short story also, no credit cards right now, lost my freaking wallet. Worst timing ever. Apple Pay worked up until I ordered new cards… But now I have cash! Geesh. What did we do before plastic? Want to take bets if my new card makes in 3 business days? They refund me $16 if they don’t. Lol. Sorry a bit off topic…


Not at all, I’m betting you’re keeping the $16 lol.

I wouldn’t really sweat it that much. Not enough to spend any cash on it, plastic neither for that matter haha! To extend that conversation, they don’t have to be fabric. If you could find a bucket laying around and get busy with a drill would do plenty good enough.

In fact, have you looked into making fabric pots? You run a lot of plants, and I bet they get expensive. I haven’t done it, but I’ve read several people do it. I think they use felt from fabric store, and maybe add a layer of landscape fabric to outside to help keep it together. Probably lots of ways, perhaps Mrs Covertgrower could provide some insight. Or even do some sewing on behalf of the family business lol. Again, I wouldn’t worry about for those clones. But could be some considerable long term savings there.


@dbrn32 the fabric pots are washable and reusable. No fabric store here. I have 5 gallon buckets and 1 gallon plastic buckets. Those are readily available. The 2-3 gallon fabric size are on my list for transplanting to a larger size eventually anyways. No sewing machine here, and nobody knows how to sew. lol. Terrible. I vote to learn how on behalf of growing. Landscaping fabric I think would work best, they make a lot of things out of it already. I think @SmoknGranny would teach me how to sew if she could! Or maybe @AnneBonny?


Ha! Out of likes amigo, but I hear ya. I don’t use them, but I more than likely would if I was planning on a large plant.


I believe @Dumme makes his own fabric pots… maybe he can shed some light… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


I’m going to try my best making a tutorial. And to make it easier I think I’m going to try to make them square. Weed cloth isn’t as heavy as felt so I think going square will make them stronger. Thoughts?


Not sure how often to update this, but the next day they’re still doing ok. Here’s the environment they’re in. Coldest they got was 67°F

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I yanked the clones I was trying to flower and tossed them. I needed the space they were in to put a second screen on my GL. I do still have the GL top going. I rooted that one successfully while still in veg. She hasn’t transitioned yet. Three of the younger clones I tossed were flowering, but no roots.


Check this out. I didn’t check them last night but this morning I noticed that one of the clones I took last week and put directly in 12/12 lighting did start to root:

I 100% mistreated this thing. It got the wrong nutrients, the wrong light, low humidity, etc. it also started pistils two days ago.

Next grow I will plan on some space for this experiment and do it right.


Did you come up with anything to flower out the clones in?


Checking the hardware store tomorrow. Got my credit card yesterday. Doing some Christmas shopping tomorrow too so I’ll go there. Hardware store is like the local Walmart. They have toys and everything. lol @dbrn32


I would imagine quite a different world than I’m use to. There are three Walmart’s within 15 minutes drive.


My GL top has a flower on her now. She is in dirt in a small pot at the edge of my tent.


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I know it’s been a bit, but clones aren’t that interesting when making roots. I think there’s new growth starting, so I thought I would let everyone know that we are about one week away from transplant possibly. Here’s the the Girl Scout Cookies clones! (Say that three times fast. Lol) they were a bit wilty for a bit, but I didn’t mist them every day. They did have almost 100% humidity though. Lowest it went was 80%.