Clone time again

I was not going to do any more clones, but I don’t have any more Afghani seeds left, and my lovely Afghani girl is in flower , so after long consideration, while taking lower branches off , I have started another clone , I am going to keep this clone as the mother Afghani , as I have enough plants going ,to keep her in veg state. lets cross fingers and hope I can keep my 100% cloning going, lol


Fingers are crossed @Coltfire
Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Think that’s on my short list of next attempts. Have fond memories of afghani…

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I’m going to grow some Afghani Gold in the spring/summer time, I’m excited to see how well it grows outdoors! Any tips or advice on growing it?


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Outside ,after through seedling stage ,put it in the ground ,apply nuts when needed , walk away and just let it do its thing,src="//" width=“690” height=“388”> @ktreez420


Nice :+1: @Coltfire


I don’t see why not. You seem to know whats up with cloning.
Heck, I kept my W W going for 6 generations . It took a bit before i got it down to a fine art,


Well after 24 hours ,give or take a few,the little lady is standing up ,so I guess its going to take.yeahhhhh


Well took the clone of 18/6 yesterday and put her outside ,just need to go buy some more soil so can transplant her , ,was amazed at how quick it took root and how qui k the tap root made its way out the bottom of the pot within the two weeks.,will post pics later.