Clone question about when I can transfer to soil

Using a cloner to develop clones. Cuttings have been in the cloner for about 2 weeks now and have developed nice little root balls with 1/8 to 1/4 inch root strands. Should I transplant or let the roots develop further?

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I like mine to get to at least this before putting them into whatever system you use.


Thank you! Roger that!


What sort of nutrient feed should I be doing? What kind? How much? How often?

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Clones require the same as the mother plant because technically they are at the same stage of development.


I have an ezcloner and I’ll go through what I use and do. This time I wanted to try cloning complete lower branches.
After cutting the clone I dip it into clonex rooting gel. My reservoir on the cloner will hold 2 gals. and I add 1 teaspoon per gallon of clonex seedling and cloning solution at this first stage. It’ll take a good week to ten days for the roots to start showing but once they do I increase the solution to two teaspoons per gallon. The cloner I have has four sprayers constantly spraying onto the stems. No domes are required and I’ve had 100% success. Here are some pictures. I’ve been able to clone small and whole branches with this system.

A week or so later

When the roots look like this which will happen quickly after seeing roots start showing I’ll put into something.