Clone marijuana

hello all.I started these clones in hydro, I noticed these spots for a week already, but yesterday I

decided to pot them in the soil(Ocean forest) now one of the clone seems to be dying, and i’m worrying if these spots can indicate a parasite or something that may have infected the plants. They have been in hydro with 24w fluorescent light for 2 weeks, now they are under my Opticled 4 at a safe distance. Can anyone tell me what it could be?

It is the first time I did clones

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FFOF is notoriously hot stuff. Looks like it shocked them a little bit. What setting is your new light at? How much dli/ppf are they getting?

I just move under this led light but this issue was before when they was under the fluorescent light 24 watt and in my homemade hydroponics sistem. The distance was about 3-4 inch in the begin then when I start to see those spot I move it like 6-7 inch

I was thinking about was the light or maybe can be Calcium deficit, the water was 6.0 ph around 300 in the begin and 500ppm when they start to grow(I keep them in hydro for 18 days I did topping too around day 11)

but the fertilizer I used was Terra Vega from Canna , I do not think it is any good for hydroponics. I love grow in the soil was just an experiment for me, but now I will like to know if is somenthing I can fix or just starts over, because I am scary the damege will slow down to much the growing, and usually I do not waist time when I do not see strong plants but for sure I will wait few more days to see if goes any better, because it is just 2 days they are in the soil. I will love to understand what is going on.
Thank you all

What LED light. Tell us what you’re workin with. If it has a dimmer what is it set at?

The led light is an optic led 4

I am just use the half of the power because this light can work veg or bloom or both togheter but I am use just the veg mode now

The lights it is 36-40 inch from the plants. Those are COB leds 3000k and 5000k

Plus I want to say the picture I send when the plants was in Hydro was around day 10 and like you can see they do not looks to bad, unfortunately I can not found other pics, but If you see the picture where they was just potet , it is happened before when they was still in hydro and under the 24 w fluorescent light from hydrofarm