Clone looks like it's dying

@MattyBear what’s wrong with my plant

Have you sprayed anything on her with the lights on?

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Light bleaching on the older leaves. New leaves look good. @jaon7615

nute burn…start over

@tanlover442 @jaon7615 This is a clone, and yes there is some nutrient burn visible, the new growth that’s at the top is not burned. She will make a full recovery. Remember when clones are fully rooted, they can be treated and fed just like a fully matured plant, because they are. The magic of cloning is, it’s just as old (I prefer the word mature) as it’s parent.

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Have you been feeding her ? If you have STOP IT !!
And clip off that bad leaf and water only OK ?


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I’ve sprayed water on it that’s all I’ve done I’ve not used any kind of fertilizer on it yet I don’t know what the pH level I don’t do anything special to it just use water out the faucet and leave it sit outside

jaon7615-----since you haven’t used any fertilizer, it would be a good idea to ask:

Is the planting media you are using pre-fertilized?

If so, that is you source of nute burn. A 50/50 mix of that fertilizer and non-fertilized media would be good for the plant. Some strains are sensitive to fertilizers.
Always a good idea to have a PH meter and PPM meter. A set of both can be found on the internet for $20.