Clone genetics, males taller?

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a clone from a random seed we got a while ago and i planted two bubbelicous and the free white widow seeds that came with them from another sight as a trial ( I’m still waiting to receive your seeds as I’m in Australia)can’t wait to try the feminised auto flowers I ordered.
The clone seems to only have one leaf on its fan leaves I’m hoping the new sprouts will open up to more leaves. Could this be a part of the genetics in the strain of plant?
The bubbelicous are going good but one seemed to come out a little taller so I have tried my best to support it until it can hold its own weight. i have read somewhere that males will come out taller than females is this true?.
I’m only using a small grow tent and I want to try and keep them small and scrog them. what are your thoughts on that compared to LST?
Then the white widow seeds I germinated in water and planted them but the didn’t take root… I think thus may have been the soil i am using doesn’t have enough peat and other stuff as it was the only soil I could get on short notice from the hardware. I’m putting that down to poor preparation…
So here’s some photos of the cheap set up I’m running at the moment… It’s a work in progress…
Thanks for all your help and further support


That’s a mutation when you have fan leaves with 1 finger, or due to strain genetics, I know it’s rare to get a plant with 1-3 fingered fan leaves through entire growth, as for the sex you’ll have to wait until she presexes

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Thanks it’s a clone from a female that had 3 leaves… I was surprised to find it didn’t really effect the potency and produced nice buds… Hoping thus clone will go even better again

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Best of luck with it my friend

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