Clone failure please help

Please take a look at my clones and tell me why I am failing.
I put plastic with air holes over the ice chest at first for humidity and since then i have lost a few. And it looks like they molded.
I used jiffy peat pods, dipped the clones in hormex before putting them in the chest, and have a 23 watt cfl on them. And why are the leaves changing color? I am misting them 3 times a day!

Do you have a fan on them?
There isn’t going to be any fresh air flow in that ice chest.

a fan would be too much stress been leaving the box open on my terrace so the wind brings new air. Does it look like any will make it to u?

Don’t pull them from the dirt… And don’t forget to spray them whit ph’ed water at least 2 times a day. Also I’m whit @Rugar89 on that…a fan will help but don’t let that to blow directly on your plants, just above them.
Hope them will root soon!

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i only pulled that one because it fell over dead. thx for the info. hope i can get a few to root

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Clones need a humidity try a cheap plastic dome with air openers you can pick them up at any nursery or hardware store for $5.00 to $10.00 dollars .When cutting your clones are you leaving them in the rooting gel for a couple of minutes,i have cloned in cubes and potting mix both work well ,I use T5 lights 110 watts 18-6 cycle sprayed 3 times a day clones can take from 7-14 days to root Hope the pic helps.


Just like @mantas wrote, clones take water in through the leaves, no roots!! Make sure they are in humid environment, the dome is
Best… I bought a tray and 7 inch dome for a total of 10 bucks at my local grow shop @MarijuanaEngineer

With clones they will always look worse before they look better first off since till they get new roots the will live off stored nutrients in the leaves essentially eating them selves
Just mist them and watch for new growth once you see the new growth you have roots :+1:
Clones take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to reroot
@Rugar89 made a good point as far as air flow that’s why you saw mold when you had it covered with plastic
If you can get perilite and vermiculite
Mix 50/50 and try that next time I’ve had good success
Hope this helps

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