Clone Cabinet Evolution

Clone Cab update, after another round of pruning & root-pruning earlier this week:

Thermpro: Leaf temps are around 10f below air temps:


Clone Cab update, still alive. The moms are four months old. :

Thermpro, past 24h:

Thermpro, past week: Ambient temps have still been cool enough for no A/C yet, but we are starting to get warmer & more humid weather.


Clone Cab update after some major pruning & root pruning:

I decided a few weeks ago that my next run in the Main Cab would be two of these in a single res. Originally I was going to use two of the three more yellow plants on the front-right, but one started giving off some root-rot odor a couple days ago. Then I figured I would use the two better-looking plants behind them. At that point I also wanted to strip & replace the top layer of lava from all plants to get rid of the moss/ algea, & I wanted to flush all of the root balls with mild nutes. In doing this I realized that the five plants on the right were getting very root-bound in their net-pots, & would need a major root pruning & repotting. So instead I will send the two taller clones on the left to the main cab. Their rootballs are still relatively small, & I did nothing to them (& the third shorty clone) besides replace the top layer of lava & flush them with mild nute solution.
The other five plants got a full root pruning & re-potting with fresh lava, & top pruning.


Sending two over to the Main Cab:

Down to the one clone & the five remaining originals:

Clonecab Thermpro: The temperature spikes are from when I had the cab open for a while, doing some work.

Lung-room ambient:


These are due for a prune & root-prune:


Ambient: Heat has been bad, humidity has been really bad.


Pruned & root-pruned a week ago:



Did some major defoliation & pruning on these over the last week, removing some tops & branches, & a lot of lower growth.

Thermpro: Leaf temps I haven’t checked in a minute, but they are probably around 10f lower than air temps, unless they clear their water dishes, in which case the offset would tighten up until they I water them again.

Probably going to swap the plant on the left with the plant on the front right to even out the canopy.


Main Cab needed the oscillating fan that was in here, so I’m running a vornado from my drying cab in here until I can get a replacement.

Thermpro: Average RH started to drop at around 2pm after I turned on the whole-house fan for about half an hour. Shortly after turning the fan on, RH dropped more & the temp spiked when I opened the cab to do some work, & then everything started to stabilize again after I closed it back up.

Swapped the last remaining clone from the far-left spot to the front right. The canopy follows the curve of the light intensity a little better now.


More defoliation for the clone cab:

Also did full rootball prunings on the plant on the left, & also the plant on the front-right (last remaining clone), since they both were getting root-bound, draining poorly, & showing early signs of root-rot (smelly run-off w/ oily sheen).

Clone roots: This is the first root-ball pruning for this one. The other plants have already had a couple root-ball prunes so far, & I’ll do them again as needed.

Clean lava in the net-pot, & clean plastics:

The one on the left went the same way.


Pruned the root-balls of the four that didn’t get it last time, & then did a lot of defoliating & pruning up top on all of them.




CloneCab update after some pruning, defoliating & root pruning below the net pots a couple days ago. Might have taken a little too much off of the one on the left. I’m not sure which ones I’ll be sending over to the Main Cab in a few weeks, but probably the two in the back, or maybe the two in the front-middle.

Thermpro from today: The couple of taller heat spikes are from me having the door open.


Another round of pruning tops & root-pruning below the net-pots:

Thermpro for the week: Ambient conditions are starting to change for the season, so the box started to run a little differently over the past few days. Soon it will be time to switch back to fluro tubes for a little extra heat.