Clone Cabinet Evolution

I got a little bit of stretch, probably from running the higher air temps, so I brought in the 30w 6400k LED conversion bulb to the center fixture, & the two 10w 5k bulbs are on both sides of it. Not sure if the blue will slow the stretch down in this case, or if the higher temps will ‘overpower’ the extra blue anyway. Then I moved the light up until I got around 300 PPFD at the tops of the plants, since that’s what they were seeing before I added the third bulb.

Still on my “Week 2” nute mix, will go to a new “Week3” mix in a couple days. Watering once every 24 hours, the base is dry within 16-18 hours.

Temp & RH in this box today:

Leaf temps are still running around 71f -73f.
Leaf VPD is still mostly staying in ‘early veg’ range but sometimes going higher. The plants seem to be OK with starting to head towards higher Leaf VPD numbers now.

I haven’t checked for any roots through the net-pots yet, I’ll have to check soon.

The leaves were starting to clamp down a little bit, which I’ve noticed happening in my 4" pots once the roots start to run out of room. First I stuck them into solo cups & gave them a ‘flush’ with around 4 oz each of nute solution. Then I pulled out the net pots:

If these had been going straight into a hydro bucket, I probably would have left a 1/2" of roots hanging out of the bottom after clearing out the lava. The lava in the orange bucket will be reclaimed for re-use.

Fresh lava was replaced into the bottoms of the outer pots, & the dishes were filled to capacity with nute solution.

Quick update on these two & my net-pot in a pot experiment. Unfortunately they started clamping down about a day after root trimming & look a little rough, but the growth out of the top couple of nodes has continued to double in size every day anyway. I had meant to turn my humidity back up after pruning the roots in order to lower the Leaf VPD, but forgot until the next day. Not sure if that would have helped or not with the clamping, but probably. The leaves feel ok, so they should get better over the next couple of days. I mixed up a “Week3” nute mix, but have been cutting it to half-strength since the root pruning until yesterday when I gave them the straight mix for the first time. They are taking some nutes from the lower leaves & drinking a little less since the pruning, & may be a little over-watered. None of this really worries me. By the end of the week, one should be in a hydro bucket & it will take off soon after. I don’t think I can use this method to try & keep plants in 4" pots for longer than three weeks like I was wondering about. In fact, they are on their way to being root-bound at the bottom of the outer pot again. I lifted one net-pot out today to check, & there are already tons of 1/4"+ long white roots growing down & into the lava again. A couple more days & they will be hitting the bottom of the outer pot again & looking for more freedom.
But I think I can use this ‘netpot in a pot’ method to move seedlings from 4" pots to a hydro bucket with very little shock. I would just want to time it better so the bucket would be ready within 3 weeks of the seedling being potted, & probably not prune the roots after knocking the lava bits away from the roots hanging from the bottom of the net-pot, but just get them free & hanging down, probably rinse them off, & maybe clip off any that are balled up or damaged etc before dropping the netpot with the hanging roots into a hydrobucket. I’d probably still want to do a root pruning at some point later on down the road, but the plant would be a little bigger & also already in the bucket.

I picked the cotyledons off of the plant on the left since they had dried out, & they had some trichomes on them & smelled very skunky when I crushed them up.

They are seeing around 300-325 PPFD & 25 -28 DLI at the tops.

Air temp & RH from this morning/ afternoon.
Leaf temps are around 71 - 73f.