Clone after clone after clone

Hi guys, I have a question for those who have cloned clones and cloned clones of those clones and cloned clones of those clones n on n on n on.

My last couple of crops have had decent bud structure but bugger all resin, also have bn really lacking punch when smoked.
I have had some heat issues over summer and was thinking this has bn my problem. But am starting worry the problems may be the constant cloning of clones.

I have been cloning the same strain for about a year, the last 4 or 5 moths I have bn getting a crop off every month.

So the question is has anyone come across the lost potency after constant cloning of clones?

Never had that problem and cloned for generations. A couple things to consider though. Building up a tolerance to that strain? Getting weaker with your growing technic. (getting complacent with your growing and not pushing every rotation) lights getting weaker? Not meant to offend you in any way. Just trying to give you some ideas. I always run different strains and always mix it up and clone only the best plants.


If your good at what you’ve been doing… then more then likely it’s equipment failure … replacing your bulbs would be my first culprit… :wink:

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I’ve cloned clones for about 4 generations now and have not noticed any potency loss. I am interested in this so lets see what others think. set to watcing


Just like the other members touched on I would look at maybe stuff like relative humidity during harvest. That helps the THC and trichome production I believe? The lower you can get it the better. I usually shoot for around 30%?
then like the other members said maybe your bulbs are getting weaker? I’m at the point right now or I’m wondering if I should change mine out before my next grow.
Good luck and enjoy your grow

I think the question here is how many generations in are you @Simo78?
I usually just clone once because I don’t keep growing the same strain but I know people that have cloned about 6 generations and never lost potency.

If your more than 10 generations along then you much consider germinating a new seed because I have heard stories of a point of diminishing returns when clones are taken too many generations along.

@Simo78 I’m leaning towards heat issues on this one. With a possibility of humidity as well. Humidity is very large variable in the production of trichomes, and trichomes development. The drier the air, the more the plant will attempt to protect itself.
You can potentially clone clones forever. There’s quite a few people on here have done just that.

My lights are pretty good, im using a 315w lec which is about 6 months old, a 400w hps which is probably due for a new globe, 600w led and 300w led.
I didnt think it would be a lack of light as the bud structure is still pretty good.
Its definitely not my tolerance as I hardly smoke it. I main use it to make hash oil.
My drying conditions are the same as they have always been, in a cardboard box (temp about 30°c and low humidity).
I am probably over the 10 gen of clones from clones, probably 12th or 13th gen.
My last 4 or so crops have bn grown all the same way, but its only bn the last 2 that have bn crap and like i said the heat has bn the only issue.

Basically I was just asking if anyone had come across fading in potency after continually cloning from the clones.

Yo Daddy,
I wondered if you could help me out with a few questions.

  1. I have five Purple Haze clones, taken during early fruiting mode.
    I was able to get them back to veg mode, and they look good.
    I’m wondering how to get them ready to go outside.
    They are under LED grow lights, and on 18 hours with 6 hours off.
    Right now we get light (outside) at 5AM, and it’s dark at 8:30PM.
    What do you think?
  2. Our rain water is about 7 PH. Okay for outdoor plants?
    They will be in pots, and I hope to let the grow all season.

Just don’t want them to go into fruit mode after going outside.
Thanks for any help you can offer.

Gradually work them into full sun first. You can still move them back and forth from inside to outside? If you can, then just make sure to keep the “light hours” up. Young monsters will go back into flower very easily.


Awesome! Thanks! Go-Daddy!
I can move them out and in with good lighting.
I’m psyched! Only got one clone to fruition in the cellar
with one light (First grow). And I didn’t clone it during fruiting mode.
They are almost ready for the big pots, and going outside.


Here’s today 5/4 is “sunny” Massachusetts…


Here’s today, 5/13. All doing good but the middle one. Seems to be budding out and dwarfing.
I think the other girls will make it.
Happy Mother’s Day! Clones send love also. :woman_mage:

My trusty Ellwood on guard duty. Thanks Buddy!


The heat was definitely my problem. More clones from the same line.


No Pix Bro?

@Mrcrabs @neckNflu @raustin

Hey Guys,
Here’s all four clone today 7/1. Two went back to veg, two didn’t. I just moved the two fruiting, foxtailing girls into the tent. It is 90 degrees and humid today, so in they went to 60 degrees and 56% humidity. Need advice on how to determine when to harvest the two in the tent since I never let them keep growing if they didn’t go back to vegging. Here’s the pix:

The two in the tent are becoming one big bud (I think). -Oz

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I think you’ve still got plenty of time, a few weeks yet.


I’m with @raustin they still need more time, they lookin good and healthy keep up he good work my friend @Ozzimotosan1


@raustin No plan on harvesting anytime soon. Will keep it going till it finishes whatever it’s doing. :laughing: