Clone advice needed! First time cloner

Hey all Camoflouge312 here still new to the forums only a couple posts under my belt, but i have just clone 4 strains , 4 Bruce banner #3 , 4 white rhino, 4 gorilla Zkittles, 8 dos si dos #33. All phenos im quite fond of( had a very large crop to choose from outdoors) im taking said clones into a new hand made grow room decked out to the max and im very excited, my plan was to run a batch of seeds one season then cline my favorites and running clones for 2 seasons, then running a new batch. Only issue is, ive never cloned ive only studied and watched it being done. So to start i followed proper cloning guidelines using sterile equipment, cutting at a 45°, using clonex gel then rolling again in hormex rooting powder, im using a tray filled with perlite and water in the bottom , the clones are in root riot plugs , a humidifier is running at 99% humidity, the root riot cubes were soaked in a very low dosage mix of clonex solution, b52, and liquid kelp , the clones are now on. day 8 and are mostly green with one showing a spotted potassium deficiency, im wondering when i should take them into my small baby pots of botanicare coco and start giving them nutes and what nutes baby clones want , im running under a 200w 2ft 4 light florescent grow light in a 224 tent trying my damnest to keep my temp at or below 77 any help and advice is appreciated, if im being dumb with something, just please be polite , its my first batch of clones and want to learn , thanks!!


When you start seeing roots I’d say it’s time to transplant into bigger homes.

Don’t worry about leaf discoloration, they’re taking stored energy from the leaves and using it to build roots.

They need minimal lighting. Too much and they start trying to grow leaves instead of roots.


cut leaves by half…reduces moisture loss. next time make cuttings shorter. everything else you have done seems proper.
neat to become a “cloner”…good luck.
also, read the Free Grow Book on this site…informative

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okay ill turn one of the bulbs off cutting it down to three for now i was gojng to get my starter pots ready with my coco should i wait to put my cubes in the cups until i see roots popping through the cube tissue?

Yes wait for roots, then transplant.


thanks!! you all rock!!


I have my cloner sitting in the corner of my veg room. It only receives spillover light from the lights over the plants. I’m running a 100% success rate from cuttings.


Yeah, so.etumes you will lose a few, but as long as you spray the leaves a couple times a day and open the vents up a little each day. You will kniw when theybare rooted because eventually the humidity on your dome will dry up and the plants will still be turgid. Normally around day 8 or so I prop a 1/2" thick stick under the dome lid and if the plants still look good when I get home from work… pull the lid and water the plants. Water em a couple times, sparingly but completely.
Then prepare for transplant. The leaves that are necrotic… pluck em off. The ones that have full leaf fingers should be cut in half.

You will see that I havent cut some leaves, but this Afghan clones easy. Some do not!


@Covertgrower and I think @Hellraiser is a cloner. Can you leave the clones to be in the dome after roots exposed? Or, what to do if you have no room and need a month or so but don’t want to cut clones from flowering plants?

Ive got some that should root here in a couple days, and next week is defol/clone day, but its gonna be a bit before room frees up…

Are there options other than replanting? Thanks gang


I ran into a similar dilemma this spring. My clones we’re all routed and ready to plant like a month before I had a good spot for them. And I just planted them in 1 gallon pots anyway and left them under a LED shop light.

No harm done, they’ve just been taking the slow road for the last few weeks. As soon as they go under full strength Lights they will take off.

Of course, I grow in soil and I don’t know if you do so this might not be good advice for you


Sure you can if there’s room.
That last one just a small light will work until there’s room.


I plant them in solo cups and bonsai them to slow them down, cut back the branches but leave some growth tips under the cut so one of those can replace the branch, use lower levels of light, half strength feedings.

I can easily keep clones in solo cups for many months and often do as I take clones from every plant before I flower them, then keep the clones around til the donors are harvested and judged to see if any are worthy of keeping as a clone mother.


Can you please give an update? I just cloned the second wave. The first clones, from one week ago, are rooted. I lost maybe four, but I took 25. The number of primo spots is endless. I’m limited by how much soil I can afford. Lol. And haul. Cheers, good luck, and fat chicks to death homie!