Clone 12/12 from seed!


Something I am thinking about… A clone in a 3 gallon pot and 12/12 lighting tell harvest. With a strain like THC bomb, what do you guys think I could harvest from 1 plant?


To many variables to tell what your yield would be. But I did read an article about someone going straight to 12/12. The results where low yields



No body can answer that question.
For one nobody knows your grow room.
for two there are just to many variables that happen during the grow.

Sorry Will


I agree with the others. The people that do typically run about 4 plants per square foot and target growing several single cola plants. Even then, a lot will still veg them a week or 2. And they yield around the same amount filling said area with several small plants as they would with less larger plants.


But those micro-grows look ugly. That’s fine if you are trying to produce commercially, but for us fun growers a big bushy plant looks so beautiful. And some of us are in states where you can legally grow six plants so it makes sense to grow them big. Some people get 400 gallon bags and grow six trees!


I disagree that they are ugly. However plant count is a very viable reason to veg longer. I can’t say that I know all the laws for everywhere, but it seems that most have as or more strict laws for unlicensed selling of weed than they do for being over plant count. Unless you’re talking way over. From that standpoint, a single plant vegged for 4 weeks and flowered for 8-9 weeks will produce enough to cover me for that period of time. So having a limit of 6, would be plenty for anyone I would think. At least if you’re running reasonably healthy plants with even mediocre lighting.

In my opinion, running extremely long veg times is waste of time and energy. Not to say that more than 4 weeks is a waste, that really depends on strain and conditions. But growing indoors, without a scrog, most of the additional plant produces larf anyway. There will always be situations where one could justify doing so, or provide reasonable arguments against my thinking.

My point is that everyone has “their way” and it’s usually what suits each persons resources the best. But not a single one is necessarily better than another.


Absolutely, but we can help people not make silly mistakes like growing a 6 foot tall plant in a 6 foot tall tent!

I’m thinking of vegging five individual 2’ x 2’ SCROGs indoors and then taking them outdoors SCROGs and all to flower. I have a 6’ tall cage for growing outdoors, so I don’t want them to get too tall. Besides, I love the “flattop” SCROG look when all the buds come. Just have to build some SCROG frames with a space inside each for a 5 gallon fabric pot.