Clogged Carbon Filter from Humidifier

Just a heads-up. My carbon filter is completely packed with the white dust from the humidifier.

Here is what I learned:

Don’t use the filter until it’s close to flower when the humidifier won’t be needed. Hopefully I can clean it out, if not, $65 down the drain.

Wow that’s a drag. Good luck cleaning it out.

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You would think you could just take it out side and hose it off with high pressure hose… Hmm… Not sure so see what others have to say…



As long as it’s the hard carbon , bb carbon or pellet carbon it shouldn’t be a problem you just gotta give it time to dry out really good before you reuse it… and you would want it to dry quickly so that the can that it’s in doesn’t start to rust…


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Forced warm water thru from the inside out. All kinds of black dust (and probably white but couldn’t see it) came out. I’ll let it dry for a few days and see how it is. Worst case, I buy a new filter. Live and learn, never would have expected it. I google it and others have had the same issue. That’s why I posted it. No need to use the filter right now.

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RO water is looking better and better…

Hi @Countryboyjvd1971, you do HVAC if I remember correctly. This is slightly off your business but somewhat related. Would this be because of high mineral content in the water, and would you happen to have an idea as to what to do in this case? Is there an easy way to clean the filter? Vinegar?

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Using RO or distilled water would do it I think. However, I really don’t want to be lugging that much distilled water around. It takes about 1.5 gallons a day.

Bring me up to speed here you had white powder clog you filter ?

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The black dust was the charcoal washing out what type of. Charcoal is in your filter hard pellets ?

It’s the white powder the humidifier puts out from using tap water. Minerals I suspect. Yes, the black was most certainly carbon. When I pulled the outer fabric filter off, a bunch of powder stirred up so I know it’s in there.

mostly wanted to make people aware of the potential. I googled it and have found others with the problem as well.

Got you yeah the white is certainly minerals they do sell a additives to prevent mineral build up in humidifiers I’ll see if I can find a link but the CEO of the house needs me to do my manly duties and go chop fired wood the boss is cold lol
A good hardware or homedepot should have it
Give me a little bit and I’ll look for a link
And I suggest your power down your exhaust fan the next time you clean pre filter this way you don’t suck it into to main filter if you have a air compressor you can blow it out from the inside out just make sure you get the water out so you don’t become one solid block of charcoal :ok_hand::+1::sunglasses:

haha, go do your chores, man!

I turn it off when I take the outer filter off just for that reason. I tried the compressor and it didn’t seem to do crap. I’ve been just rolling it over in the tub every hour. Seems to be doing good.

rinse the filter in CLR maybe?

If this (washing from inside out) doesn’t work I might try that. It’s not built up, stuck on crap. Just a powder. I’m hoping I pushed it out.

That’s why they have prefilters on most of them which are cheap to change

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Oh, it was on there. Still clogged it. Super fine particles.

Originally I had my Air-O-Swiss humidifier in the tent. That one is higher end and has a really aggressive filter. Problem is, I want to use that one in my living room. The new one seems to have a crappy filter :frowning:

I own a rather industrial Can 100 it weighs 103lbs 16"x 40" it can handle almost anything I throw at it but typically grow in far bigger space than currently am I certainly wouldn’t try washing it in a tub never get the damn thing out of tub after