When is the best time to trim?

@Daniel18 .ill try to help .But could you difine you question a little bit .Thanx …Hammer :wink:

Is there a time when i may nees to Clip some of plant leafs not the tops


Or leave it like this ?

I heard the best time to trim is while you harvest. Joking…and not joking.

I quess I’ll figure it out when the one I clipped dies or grows, gracias…not joking

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outside growing, I’d leave those leaves alone…they help the plant grow, provide food and energy now…they aren’t blocking buds yet and they are not hindering air movement around the plant.

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Clip for inside grows cause of space. Outside there is no space unless you need to keep short

no trimming needed at this point… let the lil girl blossom

Thanks for the info I cut a couple, let’s see what happens.

You sure do not want to do that. Nothing much would grow out of this plant.

I didn’t I left her alone but that other one I did is ok

@Daniel18 , Listen to latewood on this .those leaves are the hart and lungs of your girl .trimming slows growth… @Aquaponic_Dumme has a vid on the effects in a side by side show and tell . on trimming .he may chime in on this …Hammer …

If I want to clean out my shoots what is it that I actully cut I cant see what is being removed in the pictures that are shown in the 9 steps that Robert sells.