Clip fans, your experience

Should we all come together and make a top of the line clip fan? We would make bank


That’s a good idea. The 2 speed motors are to junky to be reliable for 24/7. They may work on an 8 he day work desk but not so much in the tent. I have to have a speed controller on my tower fan to slow it down because it’s too strong. A bigger clip fan with a variable speed controller would be awesome.


You guys are aware the AC Infinity makes other fans besides duct fans. The stereo rack fans can be turned over on its side for a low profile look. And they work really well. Apparently AC Infinity is coming out with a line of oscillating tent fans here soon.


Hola @Nicky

What did you end up going with for tent/oscillating fan?

I have four total of the, no longer available, vivosun clip oscillating fans.

One the oscillating broke but I fixed it with a wood screw. It still works.

The others… No issues… Just have to make sure if clipped at corner poles, that the negative air pressure from exhaust does not suck tent in so much that it interferes with the fan oscillating movement. That is how mine broke. No overheating/excessive heat… They run 24/7.

But I I do need a couple more and they are no longer available… Find any solution?

So oscillating fans all break, I’ve read about them and most people give up on them. Unless they are the large large fans. Get a quality fan. Try a monkey fan I hear they are good.

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@Nicky I was just checking them out, but after the mixed reviews online/Amazon… I found your thread… Was hoping you had experienced the monkey fans.

What did you end up going with?

Thank you for your help and time!

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I have active airs right now because I got a good deal on them but they are okay, they are way better than vivio sun or wind devils but still not the quality I’m looking for.
Try the monkeys, non oscillating if you really want to test it also buy a 7.5w active air.

The thing that vivosun had that others don’t is the way it clips to the poles… Easy… May slip which is fixable… But easy.

@Nicky I have a king “something or other” which has similar clip… Clipping inside a tent at good adjustable angle just isn’t there.

I vote for the suggestion of us designing one.

I have a legit copy of SolidWorks Premium Edition and am a certified SolidWorks Expert… I used to be a freelance tooling designer/engineer.

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The monkey fans come with a pole clip.
I had a member here 3d print some and they are okay but definitely can improve the design.

To be honest I have a design in my head, because the best fan to use is amazon’s bigger fan(it’s cheap, decent size and adjustable speed) but it doesn’t clip to a desk or pole.

Need to merge these two designs.


I just hang my 6 inch non-oscillating fans with rope ratchet hangers, makes it very easy to move up and down as needed.


@Hellraiser Are the poles on the sides addons or did they come with the tent?

I like how they attach to the corner poles. Great for netting i’d bet.

If they are added on… Where do i get some?

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That’s very cool… Should be too hard to design a spring based clamp for that or another design.

I am on board! My finals are over the next few weeks I am starting a design after things mellow.

I graduate in May…capstone projects in two… system analysis implementation and software development projects… Fun… Using javafx… ick…not my favorite.


I want to aim my fans though =(
I have 2 in 1 tents so I can’t lean them against half of the walls either.

@Fiefie920 do it!


Those additional poles on the sides are what Gorilla calls their High CFM kit and was purchased separately as they do not come with the tent. I have 1 set in the veg tent and 3 sets in the flowering tent (both Gorilla 3x3 tents). These are made to fit the thicker Gorilla poles so not sure if they would fit what you have but they are available on the Gorilla Grow tent website. Yes they are great for attaching netting, and their real purpose - keep the sides of the tent from sucking in (hence the high cfm kit name)

You could make some for much cheaper than what Gorilla wants for them. In my clone mother tent I made some with adjustable curtain rods and zip ties, works great.


I also got a high cfm kit. Its great. I hate att that negative pressure sucking the walls in

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I just know new fans suck, at least cheaper ones. Old metal one 20+ years old still going. $20 Walmart, less than a year.


Your not wrong

The cheap shower curton rods work well. I tried 3d printed connectors and pvc pipe, not as good of fit and yet to see how well it works.

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Yes, old stuff was made to last and new stuff is made to be disposable. I replace my disposable fans every year, before they have a problem and they’ve usually slowed down a bit after the year of use.

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Hey Nicky, I am a noob. Had same problem. Finally found the best pole fan on the planet…imho. Grow buds 6 1/4” oscillating pole fan. 2 speed and they absolutely stay put. Several positioning adjustments. Exactly what I wanted, perfect. Bad thing is the price $39.95 each.