Clip Fan Leaves

I have a small grow tent and my plants are thriving. I’m getting ready to go 12/12 and was wondering if I could cut some of the fan leaves to get more light to the buds. I’m running a couple of 150 watt HPS lights and was also wondering if in addition I could use a couple of photography lamps under the plants to give them more light. Thanks Joe

Wouldn’t cut any fan leaves off. Act like solar panels and food storage. Can always trim the lower scrawny branches that wont amount to much.

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The plants are growing so well they’re overlapping. I’m just afraid the lower branches aren’t going to get enough light.

I clip any leaves that are in my way with in reason
I like to strip off a lot of bottom growth to improve air flow like this


If you feel you must then don’t get greedy!!! But your right the bottom branches won’t get good light and will not produce much sI alot of growers strip everything below a certain point so the plant focuses on the bud growth that’s up top. Big colas!!! I personally just let mine go and use it in my trim for edibles.
After researching this topic I came to find out that the buds don’t process the light into energy just the leaves do this job. So you really need your leaves. I go natural and don’t prune unless it really can’t breath then I’m pretty cauto us to only remove damaged or immature leaves my self


You can remove the very lowest branches and leaves in order to allow better air circulation. I would not go crazy though, plant needs the fan leaves for proper photo synthesis. :slight_smile: