Climate and PH control concerns

I have a 24x24x48 tent, 300w led light, and a 4 inch 100 CFM fan and duct set.
My temperature rose from 78 to 88 within 30 minutes with 2 Genesis 6’ fans on as well. I have looked into getting an AC Infinity Cloudline vent system if this is the issue. Light also doesn’t have an option to turn down so I’m assuming that’s the issue.

Also, mixed coco coir and perlite today however the pH tested at 8?! tap water was used.

1/2 seeds have already germinated and I want to start the process. Any suggestions?

You’ll need to flush the coco before use to property ph.

as in flush with water, or a type of buffering?

Ph’d water.

thanks! I’ll have to order a kit

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