Clear rolling papers

Hey guys i was wondering if any of yous out there use clear rolling papers cause i just got some there called glass papers i just wanted to know if they make ur weed taste funny or weird ive never used them before i rolled a joint and they look great

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I used to get ones called diamond. They burned forever. A ½g joint would go for almost a half hour easy.


I got some twisty glass blunts right before i fully switched fully to edible its pretty cool how they work


I need this

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I got the papers off ebay it cost me ten dollars for two packs


@Aussie_autos nothing really wrong with them at all, kinda like everything else-just depends on the brand you buy, its been a good 15 years since i used those clear papers, ive had some that you couldnt tell a difference between it and a real paper, had some that you coulda swore was just a piece of plastic bc it would just melt lol

Ive never used them before but ive seen them and always wanted to try them the ones i got its a brand called glass

Got one from ebay on order, usually I just use the dry herb vape, but sometimes you just want that instant hit and going to give this a go, for $16.49 AU, worth a whirl.

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Hey i got the rainbow ones just cause i love rainbow chrome, i especially like them cause you can load 2-3 up put the rubber cap on and they stay good for a few days

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How do you use those ive never seen them before

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Me too!!! :sunglasses:

I’m so old. I don’t know anything about all the new fangled stuff. I still smoke like it’s 1969 – papers, pipes. :crazy_face:

How do you use these? And, what is a dry cannabis vape?

Oh, maybe ZigZags are still the best.


@GrnyGrows You and me, Granny! Only a bong here. But the new ones don’t have the carburetor hole anymore. :no_good_woman:

I have a hukkah, bong, glass pipes – all old school stuff. But, @CurrDogg420 convinced me our goodies are tastiest when rolled. And, he’s right. Don’t think I’m going back to other stuff… well, never say never.

Did this today. First time I’ve rolled in at least 35 years.


@GrnyGrows Looks good! I guess there are some things we never forget. It’s that muscle memory thing haha! I stick to the bong because I only smoke one or two hits at night to sleep.

Nicely done. Next time flip your paper over so the excess paper ends up outside then tear off the extra paper. Better flower to paper ratio :sunglasses:

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Had some clear papers once that had a bilt in rouch clip.
Each paper had a thin wire that ran diwn it and as it burned down leaving the wire exposed, you could hold the wire as it got smaller.

I forget what they was called but they was neat…

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I had a joint last night with the clear papers all i could taste was the beautiful taste of girl scout cookies there was no flavour coming from the paper u couldnt taste the paper they are great i normally use raw papers and i notice you can taste the paper as it burns but these clear papers all u can taste is weed sweet weed i love this product


This is the dry herb vape that I use and can say it’s great. If you really want to taste your flower, this will give you the full flavour of the flower more so than any joint and makes a little go a lot further.

Arizer Solo II, this is the third dry herb vape I have owned and so far the best.

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I love my bong, but I broke the bowl. So, paper it is, for now.

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