Clear rez and fish sh!t

I wondering if using clear rez in my dwc to help keep algae and other un wanted microbes out will cancel out the benefits of using fish sh!t .I’m guessing yes and buying it is just a waste of money

If ones a rinse cleaner then use it when u replenish your res …good to clean it out properly that’s y they make products for it so u dont get crosses contamination or old nutes in with the new if your switching veg to flower might want to flush you plants at end then you run that to help lower ppms in you plant at then end for flushing

Does it have chelated magnesium or chelated something in it?

I don’t c any thing about those ingredients on either

okay I found out my answer for my local Hydro Store they do in fact cancel each other out

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Any time you do a ‘clean’ you will have to reintroduce whatever microbes you want. I use Hydroguard and add it after a rez change/cleaning. I use 3% peroxide for the cleaning and no problems.