"Clear" plastic sheet for hoop tunnel?

So I want to put 4 plants out in my garden because I get good sun. Really just want to see how much I can yield now that I somewhat understand what I am doing as far as nutrients and training.

Made a 5*14 hoop tunnel. I really made it because I seem to get a lot of rain And I want to control the feeding schedule.

The ’ clear’ 6mil plastic from Home Depot is, like,not clear at all. Just how clear does it need to be to let sufficient light in? Bucking up for better plastic isn’t an issue if it necessary, but I’d rather not of I don’t have to.

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@Cannabian is a greenhouse guy i believe.

You don’t want it to be clear

This is called opague woven greenhouse poly… it diffuses light. Plants actually prefer a difuse light over full on sun… the sun is pretty intense. That said, I will remove most of the poly during the hot part of the year and really only depend on it during early spring… to warm the beds, and again in the fall when I want to keep some heat in and rain out. I will also cover plants during stormy weather.
Good greenhouse poly can be had at Northern greenhouse supply, and likely elsewhere if you can at least know what to look for. Its UV protected, puncture resistant and can withstand hailstorms. As far as cost is concerned, its a bit more that run of the mill greenhouse rated poly and definitely more expensive than vapour barrier poly, but instead of replacing shreded crappy construction poly every 2 years this stuff will last 10 or more.


@Cannabian thanks for the info. Since this is just a little BS project, I’ll use the vapor barrier tarp for now, and if I like results I’ll spring for a high quality one.

I was nervous that the use of the poly I had from HD would black out the sun lol.

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It will work fine, however it wont last more than a couple seasons. It can easily get thrashed in a storm. Remember that cannabis likes air movement and 90 degrees or less, anything over that and the plant stops and waits for better conditions. Therefore, dont use the cover unless you can open it up on both sides when it gets warm out. It doesnt take long for a hoop house to hit 130 degrees in hot sun.

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The painter’s tarps aren’t cheap, so I’d just buy nice instead of buying twice. It’s also the environmentally responsible choice.


Not covering the ends. Also, only putting tarp where the PVC is, so essentially it just going to be a giant umbrella.


The problem is I already bought and cut the shit tarp from home Depot.

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[sad horn sting]

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I used the 6mil plastic from home depot it worked just fine. I remove it after harvest and replace it at the beginning of every season. The stuff designed for greenhouses is way better and stronger but I’m just gonna rip it off later anyway.

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That makes me feel a lot better. It IS kinda funny that it says clear and transparent on it, and it is basically light gray. Lol.

I got 65oz off of 4 plants under one of those HD plastic tarps. Not counting larf buds and trimmings. make sure you can easily ventilate it when needed. It can get too hot and humid quickly.

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Oh well, better use it for this year and look into woven greenhouse poly… you may be surprised to find it isnt all that much more money for a heck of a lot better product.
Oh and for contrast, shitty poly I wouldnt be able to keep on my greenhouse because the winds would destroy it due to the surface area. Also, I leave this poly on all year, winter too and we get snow here.