Clear or cloudy?

Woulde these trichomes be considered cloudy or clear? Are the images zoom in close enough to tell? I am almost through week 6 of flowering.

White Widow & Dark Angel
Soil in pots
PH of runoff: 5.5-6
Organic Nutrients: Bio Thrive Bloom 2-4-4 & calmag
2x4x5 grow room
Light system: 400W Hilux MH
Temps; Day 25c / Night 16c
Humidity; Day 35 / Night 60
Ventilation system; Yes
Co2; No


They do look cloudy, don’t they? Keep an eye on them because I know WW is a 65 day flowering plant and you want to let them bulk up as much as possible. The next 3 weeks will do amazing things. Be patient and monitor the trichomes every couple of days.

Pretty plants!

I notice you are using MH; did you mean you have HPS in there now? That could be a problem if not.

PH is a bit low but it’s a little late for major changes.


Yeah I’m aware of the PH. I was advised of that in another thread I created.

In regards to the bulb I was suggested to use this when I went in asking for a flowering bulb. The spectrum I used seemed awfully similar to my veg MH bulb. I will be very disapointed if they mis guided me…

This is what i have in there:


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U found my weakness hold on @dbrn32 is the Jedi master of lighting.

The trichomes still look clear to me. You said you are in week 6 of flowering , I think you still have about 3 weeks to go. Keep an eye on them, wont be long now

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Still have quite a few clear tricomes, maybe another week to go,

Are you running a ballast capable of hps bulbs? I’d have to go look a little closer, but I’m pretty sure most hps bulbs will flower a little better. That bulb could’ve been recommended for good reason though, if your ballast isn’t capable of running hps.


1 3 4 and 5 all look pretty cloudy. 2 appears to be more slightly clear. Beautiful plant! Can’t wait to see harvest!

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My ballast is capable of striking both MH & HPS… it was sold to me by the same people who recommended I use the bulb in question…

Most people have better results flowering under an enhanced hps spectrum. That bulb is better than standard mh, but too much blue for flowering as well as hps in my opinion.

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Ok thanks @dbrn32

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Would it be a bad idea to switch to an hsp 6-7 weeks into flowering? @dbrn32

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It could only help honestly @Botcan

I’m not sure it would change much that late, but I agree it wouldn’t hurt anything.

So I stopped into the shop I purchased my equipment from to discuss MH vs HPS, and to ask him why he suggested the MH.

I guess I might have mentioned I would rather good resin production over yield size, and that’s why he suggested the Ushio Hilux Super MH.

Is there any merrit to that statement? I am going to continue to finish this plant under this bulb, but may experiment on my next grow.


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There’s merit to it, however you could’ve just as easily bought a mh and a hps bulb and switched back to your mh bulb for the last week of flowering. Or, he could’ve sold you cmh instead of going with mh/hps too.

All great points… @dbrn32

This is why I joined the forum. Very thankful for all the tips I’ve been learning.

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What is resin