Clear-Headed Strains

I was introduced to the experience of a clear-headed high with cannabis tea made with decarbed bud and a bit of coconut oil. It really is a unique and enjoyable experience. I was doing some research on strains this morning and read that Jack Herer is a strain known for providing a clear-headed high, so I may be ordering some seeds here soon to chase that type of high.

Do any of you have experiences with other strains which gave you what you considered to be a clear-headed high?

I find that the more indica dominate the strain the more clear headed they become. Sativas, in my case, tend to make me happy, energized and very confused.

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A couple on indicas I find clear headed that I’ve grown are Girl scout cookies extreme, blueberry, blue cheese and purple Kush.

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I think this varies from person to person, based on their chemistry.
Super Lemon Haze works well for me. As do a lot of sativas.


Ive found lately my alaskan purple and my cheese are my go to highs when i want to read or watch a movie