Cleaning your Vape

I have a BlackoutX dryherb 2.0. It is suggested to clean it with rubbing alcohol. The problem is the first smoke after cleaning feels like I putting something from the rubbing alcohol in my lungs that maybe I shouldn’t be. Is anyone else experiencing this?

try using everclear? much like making oil all in what you put into it

That’s got to be better than rubbing alcohol.

Yes, if using pure isopropyl rubbing alcohol, you really need to make sure all of it has evaporated completely out of your vaporizer before using it. You don’t want to use anything that will leave any residue, and pure isoproyl will completely evaporate if given enough time.

I would imagine a nearly pure, near 200 proof alcohol – intended for human consumption, like everclear, would be the safer choice.


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Thanks MacG, sounds good.