Cleaning vape cartridge


hi i was wondering has anyone tried cleaning their vape cartridge? my cartridge is almost out, i am going to try soaking it in isophyl 70/30. just wondering thank you.


I clean my vape and carts with qtip and rubbing alcohol. I dip one end in alcohol, start cleaning, then go over it with the dry side to sponge up everything. I wouldnt recommend soaking the whole cart in alcohol.


@Dr.DankThumb420 thank you i will give it a try.


No problems. If you have any more troubles just let me know


Cheap 70% rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) dissolves resin perfectly. Collect the alcohol and you can evaporate it to get hash, Just make sure all the alcohol is evaporated. You don’t want to swallow or smoke it. Kills your liver and kidneys if you drink it.


@1BigFella thankyou for the tip.


@Dr.DankThumb420 hi i tried the q tip and it does not fit the bottom of the cartridge. i used the smallest ones i could find . sorry to be a bother


Hi, you are no bother! Glad to help. Can you post a picture of the cartridge you are trying to clean? Maybe you can fit a bobby pen or some type of stick in there with a lil bit of cotton stuck on the end to try to clean it? Or maybe getting a dropper and dropping a few drops of the iso directly on the gunk to loosen it up a bit… do you know what brand it is? I would email the manufacture. I know if its a coil type pen you generally dont want to be too ruff with the coils.


Try using a bit of table salt as an abrasive mixed with the alcohol. And shake vigorously of course.



. my co worker sold me the vape pen that uses this type of cartridge. i bought more cartridges like this from him. the q tip fits half way because of the silver piece in the middle. i bought the same type empty to make my vape juice in a couple of weeks. again thank you for the help your the best.


Really its no problem anytime i would love to help u just tag me… Did you ask your co worker how he cleans his? Maybe try ( always take cart off battery before doing anything ) filling the cart up with the iso alcohol just a lil bit, let it soak for a few minutes, swish it around then pour out. Then blow excess alcohol/moisture out with your mouth. Let it sit out for a bit to air dry. See if that works. Try to get excess moisture out with q tip if u can… get the extra small q tips, wrip a most of the cotton of and see if that fits past the coils? Ask the people on amazon that u bought it from also… Good luck, im sure it can be cleaned somehow…


@Dr.DankThumb420 thank you, my co worker throw his away and buy new. he does not make his own. i will ask amazon and try out different methods thank you so much.