Cleaning Smart Pots


The closer I get to the end of my first grow and needing to re-use the smart pots from that grow I’m starting to wonder what the best way to clean them is. I was simply going to throw them in a tub and use dawn or some other mild dish soap to clean them. I’m sure that method will work just find and maybe the most recommended by you all, but I wanted to start a topic on this just to get some feedback on how you clean them.


Smart pots are fabric pots? :joy:
If yes then I wash mine in washing machine whit a little bit soap… And use a lot of clean :sweat_drops: :+1:


I take the power washer to mine and @Countryboyjvd1971 puts his in a old wash out sink and lets them soak a few days I’m sure he will chime in


@Tylan good question hehe I was wondering the same thing.


I soak mine in water for a few days in a slop sink
If i have alot of build up ill add a little sledgehammer ti help break up deposits
Then i get a small pot brush and scrub the inside down good rinse and hang dry
I replace my pots as needed tho


Awesome, thanks @M4ur @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971. Many different ways to skin this cat so that’s good :smiley: I don’t have a slop sink so I can’t soak for a few days, but what I might do is soak in the en-suite tub (Wife uses every day) for 6 or so hours and scrub good. Afterwards I think I’ll throw them in a gentle cycle in the wash and see how we do.

Great ideas!


@Tylan you can get a 25 gal tote at the box orange store and use that as a tube
Water is nasty
I inow my wife would kill me if I tried to wash in her machine lmfao
And your correct alsways more than one way to get to the end result
Happy growing all


I just turn them inside out and blast them with the hose for a few, and then turn them right side in (??) and continue until I am happy…


Tote is a great idea! :+1:

Lol I do the laundry in my house (and cooking) so she wouldn’t care but I don’t want to clog it up so maybe I’ll play that one by ear :slight_smile:


Sounds like a plan youll see what i mean
Maybe washing then in machine after a good hand wash would be ok :ok_hand:


If you get nice and baked before you try my hose method, by the time you are done. You will have clean pots, and clean drive, the bushes got watered, and you started on the siding :rofl:


Depends too on the medium. You can actually reuse coco so just a really good flush would do it. Might as well leave the coco in the bag and really flood it with the garden hose. Unless you had some kind of mold or mildew. Not likely with coco.


I’ve used a 5 gallon bucket as the wash tub…that and a stick to agitate them…careful of the dirty water, dunno if it’s safe or desirable to dump down the drain? look for a spot outside.


I did the opposite. I shook out as much dirt as possible then let the rest dry for a few days. Once dry I turned inside out and took a stiff bristle brush to brush the dirt off the inside and outside. I shook and shook and brushed and shook until I was satisfied. Once most was off I put through the washing machine with some dawn and it worked like a charm. No clogging because most of the dirt is brushed off.


Anybody know how to recycle coco coir after a grow? It seems like the tiny rootlets make it all into a solid mass. I’ve got it soaking but it doesn’t seem to be releasing the coco.

@Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster


Never used the stuff sorry @Donaldj @garrigan65



Follow this link


Thank so much. Just what I needed.



Your very welcome my friend