Cleaning DURING grow

Hey all, a quick question about maintenance.
I see alot of people use bleach to sanitize there grow spaces.
I would like to regularly clean around and underneath my plants (raised above ground to collect runoff) but am unsure if a bleach mixture is safe while plants are in there. Spills and splashes happen during watering and would like to regularly sanitize where water sometimes splashes. Is bleach safe or can i use other general surface disinfectants? My first option would be H2O2 but currently is quite pricey to get any decent amount. Thanks in advance.

I just sweep. I don’t spray anything, unless for pests, the whole grow. I save deep cleaning for after harvest.


Look into the Ecolox machine to make Hypochlorous Acid. Works like bleach for cleaning, is food safe, and can even be uses as a bud wash. It used distilled water, white vinegar, and either sodium or potassium chloride (use potassium - it is beneficial for plants. and sodium is detrimental.

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