Clean Pipe Pleasures

Nothing like the clean flow of cannabis smoke out of a clean pipe. I thought I’d share my method for pipe cleaning.

I put a 1/2 teaspoon of citric acid powder and soak it overnight in a solo cup. I’ll then run it (still soaked in citric acid) in a small ultrasound tank I have for steeping vape juices I make. It comes out clean as a whistle.

Be careful not to add too much citric acid, as it will harm the finish on your pipe if using too much.

I smoke a bowl every evening and cleaning the pipe every 2 weeks is sufficient.


Good tips.
Lately I found a plastic contraption that you fit on a water bottle and it makes a bong. Glass stem and bowl go through the center of the plastic piece that threads onto the water bottle. Clean up is SUPER simple and I get a bong out of the deal. When the bottle gets dirty, I simply toss it away.
Gave away a couple of bongs that were too much hassle to clean.


I use citric acid to etch concrete :wink:

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I soak all my pieces glass or metal in 90% alcohol it eats it all off after a little bit also. The acid prolly shines the alum on ur pipe huh. I like glass myself for smoking flower as metals seem to have a weird taste to me. Im not for flower much anymore tho im more fore resins or dabbing. Cleaner taste better faster high and less damage to my lungs not burning the flower part. I have so many pressed pucks hebre from pressing all my buds if someone is in michigan and makes bitter i jave a bunch of pressed pucks ill give u u can make some pretty potent butter. I did 389 grams of pressed pucks in 6 sticks of butter and my neighbors loved the brownies and fudge i made with it.


That sounds like some crazy strong butter.


Idk i dont do edibles they dont work on me for some reason lol.

That’s a real thing? I thought my daughter was full of it while my wife and I were crying on the couch laughing after maybe a pinch to much hash went into our cookies :rofl::rofl:

She kept looking at us like we were on drugs.