Clean or replace pre filters

Friendly reminder maintenance thoughts I’m sharing. Well after my last harvest I not only replaced the prefilter but almost more important is I decided I needed a filter on the end of my intake hose. I use cheesecloth. It picks up alot. You can see dark brown areas over parts already used until “clogged” I also vacuumed out the tent completely inspite of it being occupied by younger gals.


Good shout, I was looking for ideas for a pre filter. Cheesecloth could well be the answer :sunglasses:

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I’m using the blue filters from a indoor dryer vent kit and a homemade cardboard frame seems to work well.

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I was suggested pantyhose . Wife looked at me funny when I asked her for some. but it works.

Do you smoke in that room, the brown stains doesn’t look very healthy.


Hmmmm. I don’t see this with my filter but I think after your post it deserves some investigating in my part… thanks for looking out

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No one smokes anything other than weed. Wife likes to open windows :roll_eyes:

A mild residue on tubing made me put cheesecloth over end. Surprised but the accumulation was of over a couple months.

That’s what’s it’s all about share, care and help each other. :sunglasses:

Dang why so dirty, good call tho.

I use a furnace vent dust filter stretched over a piece of tubing and a panty hose taped over it.
Seems to last half the year before I can notice anything.
Good call tho I have one for my main tent but not my secondary tent so I should make some, since I have pets to.

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Think I’m going to use a piece of pvc, the aluminum venting comes in to long of pieces and need to use something to hold the 6" vent open.

@SheilaT I wanted to use one of those, I think, but it just looked like a mesh screen and I thought it wouldn’t do a good enough job. It’s for catching lint right?

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I chose the cheese cloth as it takes a couple months to build up but I tried something thicker and it got plugged in a couple weeks. And yeah looks gross but it doesn’t stink. Yeah I smelled and that’s gross :joy: I was causious and really didn’t have an odor.

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I like everyone’s input so far :grin: don’t forget it’s also a PSA​:rofl::joy::rofl:

My hose pictured connects to my intake fan with no tubing on the output side in the tent. But yeah PVC works!

Yes they are so you can vent your dryer indoor without the dust. This is my first indoor grow but it seems to be working, it said it removes fine dust I tried a swifter cloth but impedes the flow too much

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Yeah I tried something else and it clogged quick, cheesecloth works good for me.