Clay ball set up

does anyone have any ideas as to the time and amount of feeding frequency for the clay ball food and drain set up ???

flood and drain

If you hit the :mag_right: up top and search ebb and flow you’ll find journals with great info! Happy searching


Hmm trying to inderstand the question here?? U wanna know how much nutes need to be added??

philosifer, I have my DWC changed every 8/10 days, because of the massive roots that I have. Ph 6.0-6.2/3 micro, grow, bloom, recharge, molasses, that’s what I use.

Vemon OG! 3 ft tall 34 days! Or shorter, have to look at pics, time date stamp. Hope that helps you. Btw! I have a Super lemon Mac, few weeks old just caught up to Vemon. Other Dwc, is 4ft tall Blackjack.

Good luck on your grow.

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Philosifer, here’s Super Lemon Mac in DWC,

Apparently these 50 year old :eyes: picked the wrong damn picture my apologies growers

Philosifer, here’s my Vemon OG! in the DWC Bucket. 30 something days old! Ain’t she pretty! :star_struck:

i use a the ebb and flow system and was wondering if anyone that uses it with Clay balls knows the different time gaps or frequency of the feed times , i use a timer that has 15 minutes intervals and at the moment I flood it every 3 hours for 15 mins , my plants are going-into there third week of grow , 18 on 6 off and I do not feed them in the dark or 6 hours off lights , i am using about 1500 nutrient solution with a few goody’s added and a hi-par 630 w light about 2 feet above them , anyone else had any experience with this set up I would love to here it , cheers , Phil