Claws net burn on tips

Hello everyone I must say I really love growing. I hope to get better at posting lol. Now my first grow was blue dream I thought I was the s*** only got 3 ounces when it was dry lol. I learned about lights lol and pot size lol. Here’s my my Issue I am growing blue dream again and it really nice, got some nute burn so I gave it ph water, then the next feeding I took away the tiger bloom, lowered my nutes below hafe this feeding. took of the scrog zip tied it cut all the families off. Will cutting them hurt ? 5 week left on it buds are sticky and big.

You probably took more than you needed to at this point. A good stripping like that is usually best suited with a couple of weeks left. Even then, you would just usually take what is needed to get buds exposed for the final push. You do look pretty green and clawed there though. I would look to give a couple of heavy ph’d waterings before feeding again.

Do you have a tds meter? If you do, check your runoff ppm and maybe return to scheduled feedings after you see the ppm level drop. FF recommends a flush at transition, and if you don’t get a good strip of the soil situations like this seem to happen often.

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I’m not a big fan :see_no_evil:of heavy pruning. I cut the leaves off that are 6"-10" from the soil, and pull the yellowing dead leaves off as they appear, but pretty much let the plant do what she wants through the veg.

What should I expect lower yield or will it die

At this point I’d just water it with properly pH’d water and see where she goes.
A good flush in the future wouldn’t hurt.

It won’t die on you. I did the same with my past two grows. It might have affected the final weight but I was more than happy smoking mine. I’m keeping the leaves on for this grow. I’m concentrating on pulling off the suckers/clones to make sure the main stem can put all it’s energy to the top bud sites.

This plant was well over 4 fee I am hoping for a half pound