Clawing leaves from seed. Ideas?

Started a 4 plant 4x4 grow, growing under a 3500k I believe 4 x 288qb samsung led chips.
I believe the light will pull 450 actual watts, but have it dimmed down to about 60% right now. Running 18 on 6 atm.

The strains are

Blackberry moonrocks, bottom left
Mimosa evo, bottom right
Gorilla zkittlez, top left
And do-si-do x zombie kush, top right

Typically the temp is about 78-80° with the lights on and 70° in the darkness.

Usually about 30-35 RH. Yes I know it’s not ideal for vegging and could potentially be my problem.

Havnt topped the plants atall, only LST so far, started in solo cups, moved to 1 or 2 gals, now there in 7 gal fabric pots, in FFOF/ happy frog mixed, with some added dolomite lime, aswell as probably 40% perlite.

I have been watering with water I let sit in a pail atleast 24 hours ( about 30-50 ppm ), to rid some chlorine, ph’d between 6 and 7, have given the occasional very light feeding of advance nutrients, about 400ppm, but only a few times as the soil still has lots of nutrients in it.

Problem being the dosido zombie has always had clawing leaves. Almost looking nitrogen toxic. Not sure if it’s genetics or a disease, if I should be getting rid of the plant before it starts touching the other ones? The clawing now appears to be getting worse aswell as it seems most of the growth that isn’t a main top doesn’t really seem to be growing? At first I thought broad or russet mites but have failed to find any, and the other plants dont seem to be having these problems but they’ve all been together for a long time now, I can get more or better pictures if needed but anyone have any thoughts or ideas? I thought maybe wind burn, but it’s the farthest away from the fan, and none of the other plants look anything like that one lol, any help is much appreciated, thanks! Is it worth flowering or kill it?

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White stuff on leaves is DE I dust topsoil and plants occasionally.

I’ve had two strains recently do this. I’m chalking it up to a strain thing. I kill the nitro and a nitro deficiency shows up. They look healthy, let them claw and forget about that symptom. Pay attention to the others (dark green, waxy, glossy, etc).

You grew the clawing strains out and they produced? I’ve noticed some of the newer growth on the other plants are getting to be a bit squrley, so was starting to think its either from lsting and them growing funny because I keep tieing them down, or either I got some kinda bug or disease going on

I have insecticidal soap aswell as safers end all, on hand and should have some neem oil coming in about a week, I was thinking about defoliateing all the plants pretty heavily then soap emm, neem emm, and end all emm, just incase there’s some kinda bug starting to mess around lol

Yeah my most recent was a jack herer. Had a claw from day one.


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