Claw like leaves, turned up edges, cant tell what is wrong

All other things being equal (which is difficult) your first go-to is overwatering That was my mistake (twice so far). I very noobie. All symptoms stopped when I stopped overwatering.

Yea, that was my first mistake, then I added some notes when I didn’t need to.

They are starting to flower, which is crazy because they are only three weeks old!!!

I imagine in a couple days I’ll have a few flowers to snap delicious pictures of :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback!

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Yup those are pistils! Congrats


Very excited!

By the way, I think it was the runoff not draining/ph issue.

This morning they were getting pretty dry so I ph’d 4 gallons of plain water, and put one gallon of each through the soil. Significant runoff for each one.

Ppm was significantly lower. Around 1800 in the runoff.

Ph was at 6.2 (water was right at 6.5)

Plants have made a rapid recovery and are looking MUCH better.

Three of 4 are definitely early flowering, the other looks like it will start soon




word @Dakjoe i love the fact that everyone is so helpful. sometimes a little too helpful. not in a bad way. I’m a firm believer that u gotta think for yourself. don’t get me wrong, love the help but i can always hear my pop saying if i figure it out for you how the hell you ever going to learn boy.
my dad had this tough love thing. but we (kids) all made it to adulthood


Sounds like you’re on the right track! I pH my water to between 6.2-6.5 for every watering. Different nutrients uptake better at slightly different pH, so you don’t have to get too exact. Your runoff should always be a little lower than the water going in, and 1800 isn’t too bad, but you may want to go one more watering of straight pH water to make sure you have any extra salts flushed out.

I agree but would also like to offer this:

It’s not cheating to borrow someone elses thinking, in fact, it’s resourceful. It would be a waste of time to try to figure everything out on your own.

Imagine if doctors didn’t knowledge share :slight_smile:

I think the problem comes when people begin to speak from a position of experience, when they’ve not experienced anything. What can happen is, things are “parroted” without any underlying knowledge of the subject. Meaning, they don’t know when they are wrong


you are correct. i listen to other peoples opinion and facts. once u stop listening you have stopped learning. i just like to figure it out if i can, then turn to the pros and check your data. i feel sometimes people get lazy and don’t learn for themselves.


Couldn’t agree more!

By the way, @PurpNGold74,
They have bounced back completely at this point.

All are very healthy.
I believe the main culprit was that I was not watering properly, plus draining. This never allowed ph to adjust properly, and ppm built up in the soil.

I’ve only watered once since then, and they’ll get their second watering tonight.

It blew my mind how fast they filled out after defoliation.
It really is incredible to see.


Just wanted to give an update!!

They are doing wonderfully!

They started flowering at day 21, and this is what they look like at day 32:

The temps have been getting pretty low, due to a SUPER cold snap we got here.
So the future sugar leaves are getting some pretty purple to them


Nice! Well on your way my friend

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@PurpNGold74 ,
I’m curious, is it normal for their pots to start drying out so quick that they need water every day?

I feel like just 2 weeks ago I was watering every 3 days and on the verge of drowning them, now I water them one day and the next day the pots are light and they are getting slightly wilty like they are underwatered. Then I can water and it takes a few hours, but they will usually do a big droop like they have had a bit too much water, then they will perk up really nice till the next morning, then repeat.


Bigger root balls require more water. And the later into flowering, the more the require

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Question: off topic from the thread.

One of the plants just entered a very distinct phase change, whichbi can only describe as fruiting, as opposed to flowering. Frosty sugar leaves, buds beginning to fatten and grow larger.

So… why do we always refer to the whole stage as flowering? This seems to follow the botanical idea of what fruiting is, exactly.

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That is what most growers call the swell. Actually there are multiple… at least 2.

The first swell is kind of a constant thing. Original pistils are covered by more pistils and calyxes. Calxi? Multiple budsites. They swell under it… more pistils and calyx grow and the prev swell behind that. This is called ‘stacking’

The second is normally when most growers chop. The noticable swollen calyxes (calxi) start showing signs of maturity. Most seeable pistils are amber and semi receded… may see foxtails begin in the later stages of here.

That last one is actually a reduction in potency (THC wise) and a bounty in weight. Most plants start to lean over from the weight of buds to stem. Foxtails will more then likely appear here. THC had begun to become CBN (or whatever) and the weight REALLY comes on.

All of this is just what Ive seen growing or watching grows. No scientific evidence at all of most of it. Just kinda happens


Interesting. Thanks for the reply.


@dbrn32, @PurpNGold74
Hoping you can help identify the issue here.
My comeback kid seems to be having some issues.
I may just go ahead with a flush, but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a deficiency that i needed to add some nutes for before running a flush and checking.

Do you know what might cause this discoloration?
I’ve used the plant doctor on growweedeasy and according to that it looks like a deficiencey in calcium or phosphorous, but I’m adding cha-ching (so i doubt its phosphorours) and also adding cal-mag+ so I’m at a loss.

Also, hoping for thoughts on whether or not this bud is ready to harvest>

I’m thinking the top of this plant is ready to harvest, and the bottoms need some more time and light

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Looks a bit more like calcium then phosphorus to me as well. Can u get a shot of an affected fan leaf? Doesnt have to be soo close.

And harvest wise, my eyes arent good enough to discern clear from cloudy. The calyx dont look properly swollen…so u may have another couple of weeks

Yea i was trying to get pics wothout taking them out the tent, when i go to water them ill take another one and also double check my runoff ph to make sure its not out of whack.

Ill also get some more pics of the buds on the one i think is done.

You can click on the picture to zoom though, its a pretty high quality pic

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