Claw like leaves, turned up edges, cant tell what is wrong

So I obviously am new, and did not know about the nutrient thing, I will not feed them again for quite some time.

On ph, all I gave in the beginning was the distilled water, the very fist time I Ph’d my water, was when the comeback kid was very very tiny… like 3 days in? Found out later it was a water thing.
It was 5.8 then, and each time that I have checked it out since it’s been basically the same.

So, what should be my solution for now?

Slurry test to find out about ppm and ph?
Then, let them dry out?

I guess, which is more damaging, the overwatering or the potential ph issues plus nutrients too hot?

First week, I did too much.

Then every two or three days? When the top bit of soil was getting dry…

From my readings up and down this page, looks like I should have been waiting til the bottom bits are getting dry.

Next, today i learned I can “feel” the water line through the fabric pots, and I’ll start waiting till pot is light and much dryer.

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Good deal! Walking the ‘is she still wet line’ is definitely something u learn to judge for urself.

Id go in at around 6.7-6.8 and hope it slowly trends further upward.

2-3 days isnt bad. Just be certain you’re allowing it to get somewhat dry. U dont want them bone dry, but the pot gets a good deal lighter. They should be able to take a thorough soil drenching, so dont be too worried about soaking the entire pot

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So, here is my plan of action as of right now.

I’ve turned my humidity up significantly higher, and hope to keep it minimum 65% but preferably 70%.

I’ve raised my lights and switched them back to the “just blue” mode, so that they aren’t throwing so much heat and light.

I will not feed again until I’m absolutely certain they need it and it is time (suggestions on heuristics?)

Checking ph and doing a proper flush next watering to try to get soil back to proper levels.

I’ve angled the fan to circulate air in the tent, but not blowing directly on one plant. Will get an oscillating fan as well.

Next grow: Testing soil slurry quality to get baseline before ever starting a grow and recording levels.

Peridot slurry check

Periodic checks of runoff for ph and ppm.

Establishing protocol for slurry, for consistency.

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Sounds like a good idea. U never want to adjust too many things at once, makes it hard to pinpoint if something else goes wrong.

What type of soil again?

Typically FF soils come with about 2000-3000 ppms worth of goodies. Around week 5-6 it should be depleting pretty good. If your runoffs go under 800~? Ur good to go feed wise. Just do as u did and keep it low (1/4-1/2 strength tops). And pH it properly.

A telltale that she’s hungry will be yellowing lower leaves (Nitrogen), random brown spots popping up on leaves (Calcium), or yellow boxes inside the veins of leaves (Magnesium).


Implying that I am adjusting I’m too much at once?
(Genuine question, not antagonistic)

Should I do less?

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No no no. First glance I thought those words. But as I read, they are all advisable changes to make.

The last 4 werent even really changes but good habits to start doing. Everything u mentiond sounds like a great idea to me

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Ok thanks for the feedback.

Hey, so they are already perking up so nicely.
I think it was mostly fan and light, and the humidity helped get them in line.

Are they starting to preflower???

Not quite. They maybe, but that looks more like tightly noded new growth.

The picture of the bracts (the elbow of the nodes) looks like it may be showing calyx, but dont rush it


I’ll upload a picture later.

On the main stem at a node, , it’s showing 2 pistils, I believe.

Slightly curled white fuzzy “tentacle”?

Today a couple of what I suspected to be “preflowers” linked to have the first bits of pistils showing.


Sounds like Its a Girl! :tada:


Dude, I love photography right, I can’t WAIT for some flowers to take pics of :smiley:

For some reason didn’t see this when I first read it.

Thanks for the terminology.

Is there a “terminology glossary” here?

I typically like to talk with precision, but given the nature of this stuff, it’s kinda hard to find the actual terms for stuff, because there is usually some slang or jargon that is used, and it is not necessarily consistent.

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Also, forgot to mention, was able to pick up the girls and kinda hold them from the bottom, and some runoff started dripping…

Didn’t water or anything,

But it makes me believe that because my pots were basically sitting in a sawn off bucket, it was not allowing water to drain proper.

I tested it, 5.8 ph (consistent since day one)

Ppm was 2800ish.
But, that is also not with a fresh water, so theoretically was water sitting there for a few days.

I added a makeshift grate to allow better drainage.

And, I’ve got some beautiful white roots poking through the bottoms of my fabric pots.

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Looking good. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Clawing leaves is a sign of nute burn I believe. 20 days is pretty early for nutes in good soil, what kind are you growing in?

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DUDE!!! Hahaha. Good catch. See this kinda thing is super simple but hella detrimental

The runoff coulda been slowly kickin ur butt


Can’t let them sit in run off, you’ll end up with root rot and nutrient lockout, and then you’ll get the pleasure of flushing a bunch. I go nutes every other watering starting at about 5 weeks in Ocean forest, and ALWAYS water until I get good runoff, usually 1 gallon in my 3g fabric pots is enough. That way any extra salts wash out and leave the media. I wait until they lay over like they’re dying before I water them, too. So far, it’s worked out well. Going into third week of flower Monday.

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Hey thanks!

I think I’m being a bit hard on myself, I’ve been kinda kickin myself for the mistakes, but with objectice assesment, I’ts not too bad. 2/4 are quite healthy, the other 2 are a solid C+. And I’ve learned such a massive amount from my mistakes, that my next grow will surely be better.

I think it was :smiley:
They seem to be much perkier this afternoon.

I’m gonna give it another day or so, then I’m going to do a gentle flush on em, like you suggested, with the PH’d water.

Better pictures as promised :slight_smile:

Using a “close-up” lens on my camera, so it’s kinda difficult to get the perfect focus on the whole object , lense has a very narrow field of view, but check it outttt:

Also, I did some defoliation.

Maybe it was not the right move, maybe it was .

I’ll surely learn if it wasnt :smiley:


Different plant, main stem, last two nodes before the top:

Same photo again but with the calyx(?) pointed out:

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