Clarification needed for flowering time when growing in a tent

From a fellow grower: On your charts you list a flowering time. I grow in a tent. If your chart says 10 wks flowering, that’s measured from the day I flip it to 12/12 lighting? I only ask as I’m growing my Fire OG, it’s 4 weeks into flowering, and some of the pistils are starting to turn amber, don’t think they’ll make it another 4-6 weeks. Only ask as I add UVB light during last 2 weeks


It’s still going to be close to the 10 wks flowering time. The pistils will turn colour first and then the trichomes will turn amber just before harvest.
You still have lots of time left. The last 3 weeks is when the buds swell the most.
The uvb light won’t really make them finish any faster. Just helps the trics ripen.


It takes your plants a few days to recognise the flip to 12/12. I think mine took about 10-11 days from flip - they start to form small tight buttons - that is the actual start of flower. Your 9 or 10 weeks should start from there - not the actual flip.
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Same here day one starts for me usually about 10 days after flip @Budz420 @Oldguy got you covered .

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So this originated as a question I sent to customer support, but not under my user name. (If that matters).

Thanks for the help!
I always just kind of watched the pistils and trichomes to tell when to harvest but since I bought the UVB lamp I need to guess when I’m 2 or 3 weeks out so I can add it to the mix. I don’t leave it on for more than 2hr/day anyways…maybe I’ll just start it now.

Can’t imagine how big the buds will get in another 4-6 wks, they’re big now! Plus they’re hungry. 2 Plants going thru a gallon of nutes/day.

Have you all felt like the flowering estimates on the charts were in the right ballpark?